“I have been having treatments for my upper back at Bridgeham with Saif. He has been doing a excellent job and has improved the problem significantly in just a couple of weeks. Saif is professional and explains how each treatment works. He has made me feel comfortable and at ease. I cannot recommend him enough. The Bridgeham clinic has a easy online booking system and they also send you text or email reminders. I have also been treated by Trevor in the past who is also a excellent osteopath. I am impressed by the wide range of health services provided by Bridgeham and their team and will continue to use them.”

Ms. W

I just wanted to say a very big thank you for making me feel so welcome and for the kindness and care I was shown today. I thought my current treatment of pain killers, 3 weekly physio and optional walking stick was my lot. How wrong I was! Today, following a face-to-face consultation with Eva my osteopath and Selena my acupuncturist, a thorough history was taken, I had a comprehensive examination, the findings explained, and treatment given. I feel like a new person. Yes, it's going to take time and more treatment, but to be mobile again and enjoy life without pain is going to be achievable. How I wish I'd known about Bridgeham earlier. It would have saved a lot of tears.

Ms. S

"Bridgeham clinic has been absolutely amazing. I have been having treatment with Dan for my back and neck. I have difficult chronic conditions and the team have been amazing and knowledgeable helping support me on my road to recovery but also their insight into EDS and inflammatory arthritis and fibromyalgia has helped me to understand my conditions much better to hopefully reduce the amount of flare ups. But also to understand why they occur. I would recommend them in a heartbeat. Thanks Bridgeham Clinic!"

Ms. T

You guys’ especially Dan are the reason I’m fit and healthy and playing sport again, I can’t recommend you highly enough, a massive thanks to Dan and the team.

Mr. M

I am an 81 year old lady. 6 weeks ago I had knee replacement surgery for a very arthritic disfigured knee, subsequently my walking was ‘wonky’ which gave rise to quite a lot of back pain and I walked with the aid of a stick. I was advised to do 1:1 pilates as ‘prehab’ to strengthen my muscles in preparation for the surgery. I did 10 weekly sessions with Lois together with a programme of exercises for me to do on a daily basis. I went back to see the surgeon yesterday for my follow up. He was amazed at the progress I had made which had been greater than any other patient he had seen that day. On day 2 I had been discharged from hospital on crutches. At home I used a walking frame but by day 10, I was able to dispense with this and to walk unaided around the house. I used the crutches outside for a further week and then upgraded to a walking stick by the end of week 4 I was walking aid free. I had continued with a programme of exercises 3 times a day post surgery and have now returned to my 1:1 pilates with Lois. I explained to the surgeon the preparation work I had done, He could see the benefits and acknowledged that I had a great team around me and encouraged me to continue. I know that without this pilates regime I would not be as fit and able as I am. There is more work to do and I know that I will go on improving, walking further and faster and tackling the garden with renewed energy. Thank you so much Lois for all your hard work and patience with me. It has certainly paid off.

Mrs. S

Dear Trevor and team, I had an appointment with Emily today. She identified the problem with my SI joint and with Dan's help expertly put me back together. She was confident in her approach, explain the problem and the process, and left me feeling very assured that I was in good hands. I’ve been a patient of Bridgeham clinic for almost 7 years. Emily, it’s a shining example of the expertise and wonderful care that you provide. Thank you to all the team that make my visits to Bridgeham Clinic, a pleasant and reassuring time, especially when I arrive in pain.

Mr. H

I don’t understand what it is you do but, whatever it is, it works! I have seen a chiropractor for years and am always in pain within 6 weeks, despite taking very strong pain-killers. I came in bent over, unable to walk upright or go to work, and after seeing Dan I came out dancing! Dan recommended I do some Pilates machine work with Gordon and I cannot begin to tell you how much better I feel. I have exercises to do at home, which are very simple but really effective. Due to the nature of my work, I know I will be back seeing an osteopath in the future, but I completely trust what they do at Bridgeham. I have recommended friends to come and see them too – they are miracle workers.

Mr. S

I initially saw Mike England at Bridgeham for osteopathy and am now on a maintenance plan with him. He referred me to Gordon with Pilates to help stabilise my movement patterns and stop me injuring myself again. Gordon was extremely thorough and professional, explaining how each exercise would benefit me. It was like being back at school with the amount of homework he has given me! Gordon made sure I knew exactly how to do the home exercises he gave me. I have booked to see Gordon for a few more sessions. Everyone at Bridgeham is really friendly and positive.

Ms. W

"I was experiencing upper back pain for over a month before my brother recommended to see an osteopath. I got an appointment the same day which was great news for me as the pain was worsening. Saif was very thorough in trying to understand what might have caused the pain. It only took one session to release the tension in my upper back and right shoulder. The pain was fully gone within just four sessions. Excellent results, my back is now feeling so much better! The treatments worked very well for me. Saif is very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend to friends and family. Thank you!"

Ms. P

I joined Lindsay’s Pilates Course focussed on Pelvic Health for Women earlier this year. The course information had described how your general posture has an impact on maintaining your pelvic health. I have some issues with my posture and felt that this course sounded good for me for in also addressing my general posture. Lindsay is extremely knowledgeable about pelvic exercises to improve and maintain pelvic health for women. Her course was carefully thought out to communicate that knowledge and build on each set of exercises. It also did indeed cover general posture as it went along too. Lindsay sent tailored self-made videos after classes so that we could practice the exercises learned in class and incorporate them into our lives outside the class. I highly recommend this course to others and was so impressed that I have continued seeing Lindsay for further exercise coaching.

Ms. G

I have known Selena for almost four years, originally for acupuncture to support me giving up smoking, which I did successfully. In recent months, Selena has treated me with vitamin B12 for an inflamed hip burser, which has improved enormously. Selena has also started to treat me with skin boosters and botox. Not only is Selena an experienced practitioner, she has an ability to use needles with little or no discomfort and make you feel comfortable and reassured. She is a consumate professional in all ways and will always give advice for the benefit of the client.

Ms. B

"Great team, amazing at what they do!! Fixed my back issues many times and usually seen short notice/same day! Highly recommend!"

Ms. G

“OMG… I feel amazing!! Are you sure it was just B12? so much energy and jumped out of bed this am!“

Ms. C

I've found that the path from Broken to Brilliant continues to Beyond with Emma. I have various joint issues which Emma accommodates in her 1:1 sessions, using her vast knowledge of anatomy: she's not 'just' a yoga teacher by any stretch (pun intended)! As a result, I've become stronger, more flexible, and confident in my body's capabilities. Some yoga movements are similar to what we do in Bridgeham classes and the familiarity is reassuring. I'm enjoying easing past self-perceived limits with Emma's patience and guidance, employing what I've learned about alignment from Pilates.

Mrs. L

The experience of Pranic Healing has been enlightening. The shift I’ve noticed in myself has been significant yet subtle at the same time. There’s no sudden ‘pop’ moment after a session but instead a noticeable shift away from negative emotion, an ability to cope and to remain calm and centred. I have noticed that my levels of anxiety have all but disappeared, including the physical discomfort caused by it. Instead, I am filled with a grounded energy, a quiet confidence and resilience. I have for the first time in a very long time, been able to be present, relax and enjoy myself, whereas before my negative thoughts and feelings would always be a spoiling undercurrent. I noticed the most significant shift in myself after my second treatment and am now booking my third. I have an increased awareness of negative energy, either from circumstance or other people and how that can affect me; I know that a Pranic Healing session with Jo will, without doubt, bring me back to the grounded and centred place I need. I highly recommend this treatment for anyone wanting to tackle negative feelings and make a positive change in their mindset, their body and overall well-being.

Mrs. O

Following completing a Bridgeham Review form I realised that I must acknowledge all the other members of the team who make Bridgeham Clinic so special - I have listed below all the therapists that support me & keep me in the best place both physically & mentally: Trevor - outstanding practitioner, always with a ready smile & humour. He has the ability to always have the solution to a problem & his expertise as an osteopath is second to none. Jo - what a fantastic teacher - her classes are fun - challenging & so effective in keeping me mobile. Sense of humour on my level & always has an alternative exercise, adaptation or piece of equipment to help achieve the desired outcome. Selina - So easy to talk to, has the ability to be on my wave length & ask the right questions! In line with the Bridgeham philosophy always has a solution to a problem. Her treatment on my hand has resulted in full mobilisation - so much so that I hadn’t realised just how restricted it had become! Michelle - an amazing massage therapist, finds muscles I hadn’t realised were tight as well as amazing therapeutic & relaxing techniques to soothe my body! Lois - a very good partner to Jo’s delivery of Pilates sessions. I feel Lois has widen her experience over the time she has taken Jo’s Monday class & I thoroughly enjoy her classes. Pauline & Hayley always welcoming & interested in both me & how the family are - always there with cups of coffee when needed! For me the overriding quality of all the Bridgeham Family is the positive approach, always a solution & never a problem. The expertise & professionalism of all the practitioners & their extensive knowledge of their chosen field is amazing - what a wonderful team! Thank you Bridgeham Clinic

Mrs. R

How wonderful to be considered as a whole person with all its intricate parts. I started my Bridgeham journey with Nutrition and Acupuncture and went from Chronic Fatigue to having energy and even started running. Next the Osteopath's, and remedial massage team had my back pain reducing so I could commit to regular Pilates first through a 1:1 and then as as a group. I feel taller and am able to be more active. I can't believe it took me so long to find such a holistic practice. And not to forget the friendly reception staff who never fail to make me feel welcome. Thank you to all the staff who have supported me on my journey to Wellbeing :)

Ms. E