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How can Pilates & Garuda help you?


You are in acute pain, simple tasks like turning over in bed leave you in agony.
This is the beginning of your movement rehabilitation.
At this stage it’s not about exercise; it’s about your fast track education into learning how to move without aggravating the problem and with a lot less pain.

Less Pain

You’re gaining confidence in how to help yourself through what you have learnt about why you were in pain.
Every day you’re putting into practice good movement patterns and those ‘take your breath away’ twinges are happening much less often.
You’ve got this!
You can see a way out.
You’re conscious of how to move without pain.

Feeling better

‘Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.’ - Jim Ryun
Now we have neutralised your pain and stabilised your injury, your body may lull you into a false sense of security and you may feel ready to take on the world! However, our journey is not yet complete!
We now need to create new habits for your movement patterns so that you can integrate them into everyday life and mobilise your body.
This is the time to discuss with your practitioner your ongoing treatment plan to prepare you for setting your goals.

pain free

Look at you now!
You can do what you used to do. Pain free, without even thinking about it.
You can get out of bed and look forward to your day!

Goals Achieved


Now you have your confidence and trust that your body won’t let you down, you’re looking at new things you might like to do.
Maybe that ‘couch to 5K’ challenge?
Or accept an invitation to join friends on a walking holiday because you don’t feel like ‘the weakest link’?
Anyone for Kilimanjaro?

What’s the problem it’s gonna solve?

Whether it was from a sudden trauma or a gradual build up of realisation that you can’t now move how you used to, it’s time to embrace your present reality. With Bridgeham onboard, you can trust in a sense of security that a team of healthcare professionals will stand alongside you to help you make the right choices for your movement health. Your personal journey to the best version of yourself is the team's top priority.

Why Pilates at Bridgeham?

Bridgeham Pilates practitioners want you to celebrate effortless, pain free, practical, everyday movement. If you can’t blow dry your hair, empty a dishwasher or even get dressed without pain, they want to help you. Specialists in movement patterns, the Pilates team will spot what’s going wrong and help you to adjust the way you do the things you do to reach your goal.

The Rehab Pilates machine sessions are great for...

  • Learning how to move your body in the right way
  • Adding resistance and assistance to rehabilitate patterns of effortless pain free movement
  • Improving your movement technique
  • Easing your movement discomforts
  • Learning the best home exercises for your body’s architecture
  • Prehabilitation for an operation or rehabilitating from surgery
  • Kids use it to learn how to be aware of their everyday posture
  • Mums to be and women prepping/during and post pregnancy
  • Using exercise to support harmonising hormones either as a teenager, adult, perimenopausal and menopausal
  • Returning from cancer treatment/surgeries
  • If either you're 7 years old or 97 years old, Pilates @ Bridgeham brings you a resilient body with confidence, joy and ease. Master moving yourself from broken to brilliant and beyond
Rehab Pilates Session options are:

Fitness Reformer Pilates sessions are great for

  • Dropping a dress size, changing the tone and shape of your contours
  • Helping your to achieve your goal of running marathons, hiking mountains, cycling distances
  • Getting Pilates fit helps to return to the gym safely and improves weight lifting techniques
  • Horse riders use it to perfect their techniques for dressage or eventing
  • Track and field athletes use it to support the key foundation of their training programme specific to their sport
  • Skiers and boarders take a block of sessions to find those muscles before hitting the slopes
  • Gardeners use it to learn how to move well whilst performing tasks such as pruning, sweeping or moving the wheelbarrow around safely
  • Triathletes, 10k, marathon, iron man athletes use it to ensure their leg tracking and form for all disciplines is in tip top condition
  • Kids use it to learn how to be aware of their everyday posture
  • Climbers use it to improve flexibility and range, reach and strength
  • Rugby, football, basketball, golf, sport specific training and rehab from injury
  • If either you're 7 years old or 97 years old, Pilates @ Bridgeham brings you a resilient body with confidence, joy and ease. Master moving yourself from broken to brilliant and beyond
Fitness Reformer Session options are:

Complimentary services

  • Osteopathy – for structural alignment, joint restrictions and postural challenges
  • Massage – for those tight stubborn muscles and balancing fascial tension
  • Acupuncture – for the whole body constitutional wellbeing, balancing energy systems in an holistic way
  • Nutrition – for supporting a healthy body from the inside out
  • Hypnotherapy and Pranic Healing– for when fears and phobias stop you doing what you want to do
  • Pranic Healing – to cleanse, energise and balance your physical, emotional and spiritual energetic self
  • Yoga - a personal yoga session is a valuable way to improve your flexibility, mobility and core strength, as well as learning relaxation and breathing exercises to help you deeply relax

"I can't put into words how happy I am with the acupuncture treatment I received  at Bridgeham Clinic. I've been under a specialist for around 5 years, I've had a number of cortisone injections to help with the pain. Thanks to Bridgeham I'm pain free after just 2 treatments. No more pain killers or waking during the early hours trying to find a comfortable sleeping position. Thanks to all of the team at Bridgeham, I felt so welcome and comfortable."


"I can’t recommend The Bridgeham Clinic enough. You are made to feel so welcome as soon as you walk through the door. After suffering from migraines and neck pain for many years. I have now been pain free since December thanks to Dan (osteopath) and Selena (acupuncture) for working their magic.”


"I've found that the path from Broken to Brilliant continues to Beyond with Emma.  I have various joint issues which Emma accommodates in her 1:1 sessions, using her vast knowledge of anatomy: she's not 'just' a yoga teacher by any stretch (punintended)!  As a result, I've become stronger, more flexible, and confident in my body's capabilities.  Some yoga movements are similar to what we do in Bridgeham classes and the familiarity is reassuring.  I'm enjoying easing past self-perceived limits with Emma's patience andguidance, employing what I've learned about alignment from Pilates. Many thanks!”


"Osteopath Michael was amazing today! He's the nicest guy & can highly recommend him! I was so nervous, and he was totally calm and relaxed and talked me through everything, he was so thorough & ended up re-aligning my whole body! Fantastic!"


"Went for my first appointment since lockdown and felt really safe with all Bridgeham’s brilliant precautionary measures"


"Went for the first time after a recommendation. The receptionist may be the loveliest person I've encountered this month! So welcoming and made me the best cup of tea ever. The facilities are nice and clean with ample parking. My appointment was with Clemence (osteo) and she managed to loosen up my lower back that has been tight and painful (at times seizing up). She was super knowledgeable and warm and friendly.”