“I have every confidence in the practitioners that have treated me at the Bridgeham Clinic. There is time and understanding not only of the physical symptoms I am experiencing but also the psychological impact this is having. The different practitioners work well together and I feel I have found somewhere professional and safe that I can go to when needed. The reception staff are extremely friendly and the whole experience is very welcoming. I feel I am at the centre of my own care, with everyone working around me to make things better for me.”


“Everyone is amazing! Friendly, helpful and encouraging team of people who have helped turn me from a crock into a relatively able person!!”


I just wanted to say a very big thank you for making me feel so welcome and for the kindness and care I was shown today. I thought my current treatment of pain killers, 3 weekly physio and optional walking stick was my lot. How wrong I was! Today, following a face-to-face consultation with Eva my osteopath and Selena my acupuncturist, a thorough history was taken, I had a comprehensive examination, the findings explained, and treatment given. I feel like a new person. Yes, it's going to take time and more treatment, but to be mobile again and enjoy life without pain is going to be achievable. How I wish I'd known about Bridgeham earlier. It would have saved a lot of tears.

Ms. S

“I found everyone very helpful and would recommend Bridgeham Clinic to anyone.”


“A very professional range of treatments delivered with a healthy dose of humour.”


“OMG… I feel amazing!! Are you sure it was just B12? so much energy and jumped out of bed this am!“

Ms. C

“Very professional, prompt efficient service in an excellent well-equipped setting. My back is better than it’s been in years.”


“Everyone is just so lovely! When I injured my hamstring they were awesome, all the treatment and exercises they gave me really worked and now I feel like my hamstring feel stronger than ever before. The Pilates sessions were brilliant as well! Also want to give a mention to the reception staff, especially Pauline who is one of the nicest ladies you could meet!”


“My shoulder injury was completely cured. This was after the NHS Physio failed completely.”


“I have never had reason to question any of the elements of my experiences at the Bridgeham Clinic and have recommended the clinic to many people.”


“Thank you so much Trevor and Jo for giving me the ability to sleep for the 1st time in weeks. Not the first time you have fixed me and no doubt not the last. Highly, highly, recommended.”


How wonderful to be considered as a whole person with all its intricate parts. I started my Bridgeham journey with Nutrition and Acupuncture and went from Chronic Fatigue to having energy and even started running. Next the Osteopath's, and remedial massage team had my back pain reducing so I could commit to regular Pilates first through a 1:1 and then as as a group. I feel taller and am able to be more active. I can't believe it took me so long to find such a holistic practice. And not to forget the friendly reception staff who never fail to make me feel welcome. Thank you to all the staff who have supported me on my journey to Wellbeing :)

Ms. E

“Incredibly supportive and knowledgeable. As a competitive Masters athlete, my performances are still improving.”


“I have always really enjoyed and appreciated the friendly atmosphere at Bridgeham Clinic. Despite struggling to overcome a problem with lots of treatment, I really appreciated your dedication to try and help. Everyone really knows what they are talking about, and have experienced such problems, so I always feel in safe hands.”


The experience of Pranic Healing has been enlightening. The shift I’ve noticed in myself has been significant yet subtle at the same time. There’s no sudden ‘pop’ moment after a session but instead a noticeable shift away from negative emotion, an ability to cope and to remain calm and centred. I have noticed that my levels of anxiety have all but disappeared, including the physical discomfort caused by it. Instead, I am filled with a grounded energy, a quiet confidence and resilience. I have for the first time in a very long time, been able to be present, relax and enjoy myself, whereas before my negative thoughts and feelings would always be a spoiling undercurrent. I noticed the most significant shift in myself after my second treatment and am now booking my third. I have an increased awareness of negative energy, either from circumstance or other people and how that can affect me; I know that a Pranic Healing session with Jo will, without doubt, bring me back to the grounded and centred place I need. I highly recommend this treatment for anyone wanting to tackle negative feelings and make a positive change in their mindset, their body and overall well-being.

Mrs. O

“There are no words to describe how grateful I am to have met Trevor and his excellent team! Pauline is ALWAYS happy to help and to get things organised. Trevor and Jo are probably the nicest people in the whole of Crawley. Thanks to Kamilla and Trevor for sorting out my neck/back pain! You guys ROCK!!! Life is now back to normal and pain-free!”


“Very informative and professional. Quick to call back in regard to initial enquiry and offered appointments with various therapists/osteopaths very quickly. I was given constructive suggestions to help reduce the possibility of a sore back again and it was suggested that regular massage would help with the knots etc. Lovely staff very well recommended and will definitely be returning. I have already been telling all the family about the excellent service.”


“Having first encountered Bridgeham Clinic in 2001 after long term lower back problems, a whiplash injury in 2000 and a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, I remain a firm believer in all that they do and am very grateful for all that I have learned about how my body works. The practitioners not only provide a range of expertise and experience between them, but they tell you what you need to know and understand to improve your daily life. A visit to Bridgeham Clinic can be a life enhancing experience, made enjoyable by the friendly atmosphere and the genuine desire of everyone to help you get better. The rest is down to you!”


“Not only is the clinic 100% professional it also has a fantastic home feel. The clinic staff are all very welcoming and nice people to be around, and I guess the important part is I feel a million bucks when I leave.”