Following completing a Bridgeham Review form I realised that I must acknowledge all the other members of the team who make Bridgeham Clinic so special - I have listed below all the therapists that support me & keep me in the best place both physically & mentally: Trevor - outstanding practitioner, always with a ready smile & humour. He has the ability to always have the solution to a problem & his expertise as an osteopath is second to none. Jo - what a fantastic teacher - her classes are fun - challenging & so effective in keeping me mobile. Sense of humour on my level & always has an alternative exercise, adaptation or piece of equipment to help achieve the desired outcome. Selina - So easy to talk to, has the ability to be on my wave length & ask the right questions! In line with the Bridgeham philosophy always has a solution to a problem. Her treatment on my hand has resulted in full mobilisation - so much so that I hadn’t realised just how restricted it had become! Michelle - an amazing massage therapist, finds muscles I hadn’t realised were tight as well as amazing therapeutic & relaxing techniques to soothe my body! Lois - a very good partner to Jo’s delivery of Pilates sessions. I feel Lois has widen her experience over the time she has taken Jo’s Monday class & I thoroughly enjoy her classes. Pauline & Hayley always welcoming & interested in both me & how the family are - always there with cups of coffee when needed! For me the overriding quality of all the Bridgeham Family is the positive approach, always a solution & never a problem. The expertise & professionalism of all the practitioners & their extensive knowledge of their chosen field is amazing - what a wonderful team! Thank you Bridgeham Clinic

Mrs. R

How wonderful to be considered as a whole person with all its intricate parts. I started my Bridgeham journey with Nutrition and Acupuncture and went from Chronic Fatigue to having energy and even started running. Next the Osteopath's, and remedial massage team had my back pain reducing so I could commit to regular Pilates first through a 1:1 and then as as a group. I feel taller and am able to be more active. I can't believe it took me so long to find such a holistic practice. And not to forget the friendly reception staff who never fail to make me feel welcome. Thank you to all the staff who have supported me on my journey to Wellbeing :)

Ms. E