What can Bridgeham Clinic do for your workforce?

At Bridgeham, we feel a growing sense of community within Manor Royal. Now that we have a tried and tested background to provide outstanding service and excellent health care to this community, we would very much like to speak to business leaders to see how we can help bring this community closer together, in a cared for and nurtured environment.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with the appropriate care providers within the Manor Royal businesses to discuss how we can trial and pilot these schemes to take things further.

Bridgeham osteopaths are primary health care practitioners who are qualified to diagnose health issues and treat or refer accordingly.  Bridgeham can provide an osteopath in satellite outposts in the workplace to screen/treat/workplace assess employees as needed. The Bridgeham practitioner would provide a service for one day a week, once a fortnight or once a month as required.

“We have highly trained technicians using specialist equipment delivering a high level of service. If any of them have a problem we don't bother with the doctor. We send them straight to Bridgeham to get them back to work as soon as possible. We're happy, the employee is happy, the client's happy".

The Directors – Industrial Flooring Ltd.

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The outcome of an osteopathic assessment might be:

  • Nothing is physically wrong with the employee – the Bridgeham practitioner will do an immediate workplace assessment and educate the employee on how to adjust the seat / keyboard /mouse / screen relationship.
  • The Bridgeham practitioner will identify a postural problem and prescribe a course of action involving rehabilitative exercise.
  • The Bridgeham practitioner will identify musculoskeletal issues that need treatment there and then on site on a treatment couch (provided).
  • The Bridgeham practitioner will identify an issue that needs more extensive treatment back at the Bridgeham hub base In County Oak Way utilising the full rehabilitation facilities.
  • The Bridgeham practitioner will identify a problem that needs immediate referral for imaging or testing. MRI, X-ray, diagnostic ultrasound, DEXA scan etc via Bridgeham‘s relationship with Medical Imaging partnership and Crawley hospital. Imaging facilities are usually available within 48 hours.
  • The Bridgeham practitioner will identify a problem that needs immediate referral to an allied colleague e.g. mental health practitioner or other specialist.

Alternatively, rather than wait for the satellite clinic Manor Royal employees could book directly with Bridgeham for an appointment (usually available next or same day) for the same service.

The advantage for the employer is that their staff do not have to wait for an appointment with a GP and referral on to a consultant, and the usual weeks of lead times this involves. Neither the off-work employee or employer is happy for this unproductive, demoralising wait time.  Statistics show that the longer an employee is off sick the more likely it is that they will develop some form of mental health issue.

For the employer, it shows initiative and willingness to provide healthcare for their employees as a priority, as well as recognition that healthy employees boost creativity, productivity, and morale within the workforce.

Bridgeham can also provide Pilates classes in the workplace, massage consultations, nutrition workshops or consultations and stress management/meditation classes all designed to fit with your specific requirements.

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Our Approach to Corporate Health

1. Ergonomic Workstation Assessments

Analysis of the workstation to identify the potential risks and minimise them as far as practicably possible, and to ensure compliance with HSE regulations.

The assessment is completed with the individual at the workstation to understand their working requirements, posture and equipment. A workstation risk assessment checklist will be completed including appropriate recommendations for changes in equipment, posture, workstation layout and training.

The assessment takes approximately 15 minutes and is appropriate for those with or without pain.

2. Personal Postural Assessments and Ergonomic Workstation Assessment Combination

This is a more detailed assessment considering the individual and the workstation. It is suitable for those with musculoskeletal pain, but also for those who require a deeper understanding of their work practices or who are about to experience a change in their working practices – longer hours, new equipment, new workstation.

It consists of a clinical history and discussion of the problems they are experiencing, examination, diagnosis and treatment if required (on site if possible, or at our clinic), workstation risk assessment, rehabilitation and postural advice.

This thorough assessment gives a clinical diagnosis of the problem from a registered primary healthcare practitioner. It is conducted confidentially and lasts approximately one hour.

A report will be supplied detailing the clinical findings, workstation risk assessment, and tailored recommendations including ergonomic solutions.

3. No sweat movement classes

One of the biggest limitations to being active at work can be the environment. The nature of the work may require static desks and fixed ergonomics and may not allow for change of positions.

There is clear evidence that moving at work improves productivity, this can be as much as 15%.

Did you know that a 20-minute walk in a green environment has been found to provide a 2-hour boost in creativity?

Encouraging movement during lunch breaks is a great way to improve activity, productivity and creativity. However, it needs to be easy and accessible. So why not try our ‘No sweat’ movement classes. These fun sessions involve movement and stretching but do not challenge the cardiovascular system and break you out in an uncomfortable sweat. They are inclusively tailored for all abilities.

We come to you and provide a class of gentle exercise that does not require a change of clothing or building up a sweat. It can last from 10 to 30 minutes depending on your requirements.

If you do require something more vigorous we can also provide that either onsite or come to us and join one of our lunchtime classes.

4. Tailored workshops

At your request, we can tailor a professional workshops relevant to your workforce needs, e.g. production line work, awkward lifting or prolonged standing / sitting / positional tasks / weight loss in the workplace workshops, managing your menopause in the workplace workshop, perfecting your posture in the workplace workshops. These can be done onsite or hosted by us in our mirrored Movement Studio.

Be creative, be productive, be your best. Bridgeham-ise your workforce and shape up your bottom line.