The experience of Pranic Healing has been enlightening. The shift I’ve noticed in myself has been significant yet subtle at the same time. There’s no sudden ‘pop’ moment after a session but instead a noticeable shift away from negative emotion, an ability to cope and to remain calm and centred. I have noticed that my levels of anxiety have all but disappeared, including the physical discomfort caused by it. Instead, I am filled with a grounded energy, a quiet confidence and resilience. I have for the first time in a very long time, been able to be present, relax and enjoy myself, whereas before my negative thoughts and feelings would always be a spoiling undercurrent. I noticed the most significant shift in myself after my second treatment and am now booking my third. I have an increased awareness of negative energy, either from circumstance or other people and how that can affect me; I know that a Pranic Healing session with Jo will, without doubt, bring me back to the grounded and centred place I need. I highly recommend this treatment for anyone wanting to tackle negative feelings and make a positive change in their mindset, their body and overall well-being.

Mrs. O