I am an 81 year old lady. 6 weeks ago I had knee replacement surgery for a very arthritic disfigured knee, subsequently my walking was ‘wonky’ which gave rise to quite a lot of back pain and I walked with the aid of a stick. I was advised to do 1:1 pilates as ‘prehab’ to strengthen my muscles in preparation for the surgery. I did 10 weekly sessions with Lois together with a programme of exercises for me to do on a daily basis. I went back to see the surgeon yesterday for my follow up. He was amazed at the progress I had made which had been greater than any other patient he had seen that day. On day 2 I had been discharged from hospital on crutches. At home I used a walking frame but by day 10, I was able to dispense with this and to walk unaided around the house. I used the crutches outside for a further week and then upgraded to a walking stick by the end of week 4 I was walking aid free. I had continued with a programme of exercises 3 times a day post surgery and have now returned to my 1:1 pilates with Lois. I explained to the surgeon the preparation work I had done, He could see the benefits and acknowledged that I had a great team around me and encouraged me to continue. I know that without this pilates regime I would not be as fit and able as I am. There is more work to do and I know that I will go on improving, walking further and faster and tackling the garden with renewed energy. Thank you so much Lois for all your hard work and patience with me. It has certainly paid off.

Mrs. S

I initially saw Mike England at Bridgeham for osteopathy and am now on a maintenance plan with him. He referred me to Gordon with Pilates to help stabilise my movement patterns and stop me injuring myself again. Gordon was extremely thorough and professional, explaining how each exercise would benefit me. It was like being back at school with the amount of homework he has given me! Gordon made sure I knew exactly how to do the home exercises he gave me. I have booked to see Gordon for a few more sessions. Everyone at Bridgeham is really friendly and positive.

Ms. W