Golf Mobility Assessment

With the recent return of golf and now one of the best weeks in golf…the Masters, we felt it timely to mention a new service available to golfers at Bridgeham. 

Does your body restrict your golf swing?

Do you have a sore back, neck, hips, knees at the end of a round/practice?

Does it hurt to address the ball?

Can you reach the top of your backswing or follow through?

The fundamentals of a good golf swing are based on having good alignment and balanced posture.

Mike England, in line with his personal interest in golf, has gained certification as a Titleist Performance  Institute (TPI) expert. This means Mike can now offer the TPI golf screening here at Bridgeham. 

As a medical professional, this uniquely qualifies Mike to be able to analyse your golf swing via video and, thanks to the training from Titleist, he can develop a personalised osteopathic therapy and fitness/rehab programme to identify what goes wrong, and how he can free up any restrictions which will improve your body’s ability to perform the golf swing.

There are many different ways to swing the club, and there is no ‘correct’ swing.  However, there are efficient swings, and there are also a number of typical swing fault characteristics. Many of these swing faults are caused by weakness, instability or physical restrictions of the body.

In addition to the physical exercise prescriptions that may be assigned by a golf professional or fitness instructor, Mike can use his osteopathic skills to improve/reduce many of those physical restrictions.

In the 60-minute appointment, Mike will take a full medical history, explain what he is looking for and perform a baseline physical mobility assessment, checking for restrictions that may be affecting your golf swing.  If he finds any restrictions, he will advise you what they are and invite you to attend for osteopathic treatment in a separate appointment.

This initial assessment costs £60 per person.

If restrictions are found and further treatment is required, this can be done during a follow-up appointment with Mike. At the end of each session, Mike will reassess to check progress.  Follow-up treatments are done in a 30-minute appointment and cost £50.

A number of PGA golf professionals throughout Sussex are also certified with TPI and would be familiar with the screening process. If they have mentioned to you that you have a physical restriction that needs medical attention, whether it causes pain or not, then Mike would be more than happy to work alongside your golf professional to assist in the development of your swing if this is preferred.

Mike is the only osteopath certified with TPI working within Sussex (East or West).

If you are interested in finding out more about this unique golf assessment, please call the clinic on 01293 54245 or email us at to request a call back from Mike.

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