Pilates for Riders Workshop

Bridgeham is offering a Pilates workshop specifically designed for horse riders. We aim to target improving general riding posture, help you with finding your sit bones, set up, how to balance any asymmetry and how to truly connect with the core and your horse!The workshop will be held at Bridgeham Clinic, led by our clinic director Jo Strutt and equine osteopath &Pilates instructor Liz Oakenfold.Liz runs a busy horse and rider practice which covers a variety of disciplines and feels passionate about the benefits of correct movement for well-being. Having worked with Olympic and elite horse/rider combinations she recognises the importance of getting the horse and the rider both as physically and mentally fine-tuned as possible.Riders will know when their horse ‘doesn’t feel right’ and whilst at times this is down to the horse and it’s movement, riders also need to consider their own body movements and structure and how this may be affecting the horse. Often if the rider isn’t sound in their own movement it can have an effect on the horse’s performance.“The welfare of every horse is at the heart of my work and therefore educating riders to improve their posture and balance is a vital part of the jigsaw.” – Liz

The workshop will be repeated on two dates at £60 per person. Please contact the clinic on 01293 542245 to book your place as we only have 12 spaces available, so don’t miss out!Workshop dates:Friday 7th July 2pm-5pm orSaturday 5th August 10am-1pm

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