Pilates in Crawley

Machine Studio Sessions

In our Machine Studio we have a Clinical Reformer, Trapeze Table, Combo Chair, Ladder Barrel, Allegro and two brand new Garuda machines.

Other Pilates equipment including foam rollers and gym balls, rotating discs and wobble boards, to name but a few, also feature.

These machine sessions are great for improving your technique, easing your movement discomforts, rehabilitating from surgery, helping you to achieve your goal of running marathons, easing pregnancy discomforts and preparing for labour and returning to your body after the delivery of your baby. Getting Pilates fit helps to return to the gym safely, horse riders use it to perfect their techniques for dressage or eventing. (You'll get to meet "Dobbin"!!!) Athletes use it to support the key foundation of their training programme and gardeners use it to learn how to move well whilst performing tasks such as pruning, sweeping or moving the wheelbarrow around safely!.

Everyone gets a chance to "be" in their body and enjoy that "being in the present moment"

Movement Studio classes

In our upstairs movement studio there are various group movement classes on offer. Our current schedule includes:

  • Pilates classes
  • Barre classes
  • Garuda classes
  • Tai Chi classes
  • Kids Pilates & posture awareness classes

Group classes offer a great opportunity for you to MOVE!

You can maintain clear movement knowledge in a great setting, meet like minded movers and enjoy exploring confident, healthy movement! Your instructors will offer alternative exercises for you if you feel something is not quite right...class is a relationship with your teacher. Please communicate with us!

Classes are fun, educational, challenging, motivating and you feel absolutely amazing afterwards!

Come and check out our beautiful mirrored, movement studio and experience it for yourself. Your first class is free...which class will you come to?

Download the app to see the schedule or click here...


Please wear clothes we can see your body shape and outline clearly. It helps you to see too! Socks please, no trainers. A towel is handy if you are up for working hard and getting a sweat on!!!

If you are brand new to Bridgeham please complete our Pilates enrolment form and email it back to us before your first session. That way you get to move, move, move!