Lois Hill

Pilates Instructor

Bio & Qualifications

I am a Pilates instructor and swimming teacher.

I trained in the performing arts and have been dancing from the age of 2. It is with my dance background and Pilates qualification that I offer the Ballet/Pilates class at Bridgeham clinic. I have been teaching children swimming for 10 years and absolutely love my job. I get an immense feeling of achievement when a child gains confidence and accomplishes something they once thought impossible. I am extremely excited to teach Pilates classes for children at the Bridgeham clinic.

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Describe yourself

With my many years of teaching I understand the value of teaching through fun and can proudly say I am firm, fair and fun. A fellow swimming teacher once said to me that I have the patience of a saint. Patience is key to teaching, whether teaching children or adults, we are all different and we will all accomplish our goals at our own pace in our own time. With a patient teacher who believes in you the journey to your goal will be enjoyable.

Treatments you provide
  • Pilates

Areas of special interest
Goals for your patients

My goal is to help people feel more confident in themselves. With swimming teaching I help people feel more confident and safe in the water and set them up with a sport for life, opening up opportunities for many activities. With Pilates and dancing I help people feel more confident within their body, how they feel, how they look, improving their posture and body awareness. All exercise helps not only the body but the mind too.

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