TPI Screening

Jon Rahm is the current Masters Champion and World’s No 1. ranked Golfer.

Brought to the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) as a junior, he was analysed using their golf-specific movement screening and discovered to have not only huge talent, but also some significant movement restrictions.

They felt that it was important to if not improve, at least preserve his mobility or it might limit his ability to express his talent.

 “Jon was strong for his age, but he lacked mobility in several key areas, specifically his thoracic spine, cervical spine, hip and ankles”. 

“Because Jon was not especially mobile, it’s no surprise that he felt more comfortable taking a short back swing as a young golfer.  Movement patterns are often developed around physical limitations, but just because he had some movement limitations doesn't mean that he couldn't play great golf.  After all, our screen isn't meant to tell us whether or not a golfer can have an effective golf swing, it helps explain why their swing might look the way it does.” Excerpt taken from

If you take your golf seriously and want to go through the TPI screening process, we have you covered.

Bridgeham Osteopath, Mike England is currently the only TPI registered Osteopath in Sussex.

The TPI screening combines video-swing-analysis and golf-specific movement measures to assess a golfer’s ability to move and discover whether any movement restrictions affect the way that a golfer swings a club.

A golf professional may well notice these movement restrictions but is only able to work around them. From an osteopathic point of view, these restrictions or instabilities can be worked upon, and potentially removed, therefore encouraging better coordination and balance, greater speed, swing performance, and longevity in the game.

If the best players in the game get help, could it help you?

18 of the last 20 Major Championships - were won by players advised by a TPI Certified Expert

25 of the top 30 Players in the World - Official World Golf Rankings - are advised by a TPI Certified Expert

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