The Hope Programme with Becky Wells


It’s not just a self-help programme…it’s designed to help you spread your wings in any direction you choose.  

It will give you the confidence to excel in your current position, apply for that dream role, or take on that new life challenge. 

“...but I’m not currently working” I hear you say, it doesn’t matter…this is all about empowering you to explore whatever you wish tod o and more.

That old saying “sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will really hurt me” forgets to mention that it also includes our own internal conversations that happen in our heads.

Do you find yourself saying…

‘Why did I say it that way?’

‘Why didn’t I stop myself from saying that?’

‘Why am I feeling like this?’

‘How can I feel different?’

The first person we need to work on, is our inner self and this programme can guide you through a journey of self-awareness and changeover the next 12 months. During each session, Becky will demonstrate how empowering some words are, but also how disempowering they can be too. Showing you how to evolve, expand and escape patterns of behaviours that have followed you through life. "Why be an acorn when you can be the mighty oak!".

The twelve self-empowerment sessions of ‘The Hope Programme’ will take you by the hand and demonstrate how environment, people and places have moulded our current habits and behaviours by exploring the following themes:

1. Healthy conversations, it’s an inside job

2. Learning how to be ‘you’

3. Become a leader not a boss

4. Stress less. Learn to dial that dial down

5. Find you voice, the art of public speaking

6. Repair, restore, revive. The art of sleep

7. Controlling the bully within

8. Learning your comfort zone and expanding it

9. Change your mind, change you weight

10. Taming fear and using its energy to fuel your future

11. It’s ok not to be ok

12. The power of YOU!

Each monthly 30-minute lunch time session will be held in person Bridgeham, or you can join via Zoom, if it’s easier for your schedule.

The first session will be on Thursday 31st March at 12.30pm and Becky will be available for 30mins afterwards to answer any questions.

Each session costs £20 or you can buy all 12 for the discounted price of £200, which also includes a 30-minute Zoom call with Becky.

Book your place by calling our amazing admin angels on 01293 542245!

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