Sports Massage

Sports Massage is not exclusively for sporting people. Sports Massage is used often in conjunction with other treatments at the clinic & patients are regularly referred by the osteopaths.

Many benefits from Sports Massage have been reported based on experience and observation. Some are beneficial to the mind (psychological)and some to the body (physiological).

Research supports the benefits of sports massage which include:

💪 Increased joint range of motion (ROM)

🦵 Increased flexibility

💪 Increased sense of well-being

🦵 Decreased muscle tension

💪 Decreased neurological excitability (nerves more relaxed)

🦵 Decreased muscle spasms- better sleep

Other potential benefits include:

✅ Increased blood flow

✅ Increased elimination of exercise waste products (lactic acid)

✅ Decreased chance of injury

✅ Decreased recovery time between workouts

✅ Highlight areas of tension where muscle force bores may hypertonic

It is useful for all types of people and our therapists will adapt to whom they are working, so it is also a misconception that sports massage is painful.

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