Pain Management Meditation Course

The challenge of living with chronic pain can be overwhelming sometimes. The emotional, on top of the physical impact, can be especially hard.

Research shows that meditation can be an effective tool to add to the other methods you use to manage your pain. It cannot remove pain – but it can help you tackle things in new ways and bring some relief from some aspects of living with pain on a daily basis.

So how does it work? The techniques used in my teaching will help you to look at pain from a different perspective. Many people who experience chronic pain know that it is not necessarily going to disappear, and they need management tools, not quick fixes. This course is designed to help you find a new approach – one of curiosity and understanding rather than trying to fight pain with tension and frustration. By allowing body and mind relaxation as much as we can, helps to find periods of mental and sometimes physical relief alongside other pain management methods (medications, exercises, treatment etc.)

Of course, anew approach takes time to absorb into your routine and to get used to. It takes practice to bring meditation into your life if you’ve never used it before. This course is designed to give you some ideas, some new skills and some insight into different types of pain management meditation. If you want to use the course to get you started on exploring further at home, you can use it as a starting point. If you find the classes useful, then you might wish to join the weekly class or take 1:1 sessions to learn and experience more regularly.

This five-week course is an introduction to techniques you can call on when things feel overwhelming or frustrating.

An open mind to these techniques as another tool rather than a ‘fix’, is important – no-one is claiming pain can be eradicated – but good pain management requires a variety of approaches, and this class can add one more really useful tool to your personal pain management kit to help bring about the following:

- Calm the nervous system

- Relief from anxiety/fear

- Relax physical tension

- Provide good quality rest (especially where sleep isn’t good)

- Open the mind to accepting rather than fighting pain

- Encouraging a proactive approach so you can take control

These meditations work for physical AND emotional pain

Book your place online (search 5th March) or by calling our amazing admin angels on 01293 542245.
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