New beginnings

So, as we approach the spring time the new beginnings of fresh green shoots start to spring new hope for the impending summer and lighter days to come. The garden and nature brings us this awareness and soon the keen gardeners amongst us will be tending to lawns, potting up pots of glorious cheer, pruning, digging, sweeping and maybe even spring cleaning our homes as well as our gardens.

We would like to share with you some of our “top tips” for new beginnings of awareness in your body and its movement whilst in your homes and gardens, from noticing your breathing to lifting your wheelbarrows! Determination and stoicism won us two world wars, but doesn’t need to carry on tending the garden or doing housework! Listen to your body and when it is time, take a break! Think about repeated or prolonged movement patterns such as raking, digging, polishing, sweeping and hoovering and, if you can, have different jobs on the go so you don’t get stuck doing the same thing. A change can be as good as a rest!

Plan how to combine different jobs in your gardening or cleaning sessions:

* Find jobs at a low level – weeding, cleaning skirting boards and low surfaces whilst kneeling on all fours

* Find jobs at a medium height - Wheel barrowing, pruning, watering, digging. Several light loads in the wheelbarrow are better than one really heavy load

* When dusting surfaces wax on and off – balance your cleaning circles, clockwise and anti-clockwise on your right and left

* Find jobs at top height - pruning, tying up bean poles/climbers, clearing the cobwebs

Make sure you consciously breathe whilst enjoying your tasks! Using a breath out to support your core on those heavier loads can really make a difference.

As well as alternating your jobs, another thing you can do is alternate your hands and legs: weed with the trowel in the opposite hand! We call this hilarious gardening! Dig with the opposite foot on the spade use the watering can holding it the opposite way hold the hoover or dust with the opposite hand. It will be a bit like patting your head and rubbing your tummy the opposite way, with which you are all familiar!! You may be slower initially, but your brain will be challenged and you will be introducing balance! Carrying two watering cans half-filled ensures better balance. Your spine will thank you as you’ll bend both knees to pick them up rather than bending and loading the body on one side.

Good luck and have fun! Do share your hilarity with us! We are always on the lookout for new moves to add into our Group Pilates classes!

Enjoy your new beginnings of exploring new ways to move.

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