Meridian Massage

There are many kinds of massage - some deep, some gentle. The beauty of Meridian Massage is that Selena is able to follow your body’s lead: focussing deeply where necessary and using more gentle touch in other areas.

The Meridians are the twelve lines of energy used by Chinese Medicine practitioners to prevent, diagnose and treat health issues. This means that a Meridian massage can be tailored to support the individual’s specific health issues; it can work on more than one issue at a time as the Meridians give a holistic picture of the patient. You might suffer from digestion to sinus problems, from muscle tension to PMT, all of which may be approached in the one treatment. As each meridian also has an emotional resonance - physical and emotional aspects of a person may be treated together.

During the massage, the practitioner may come across indicators in a specific meridian that could suggest a weakness or a blockage or excess - by checking in with the patient on what is found during the massage, a very precise focus, specific to you, can be used during the massage. It’s a very personal experience, no two Meridian Massages are the same. 

Appointments are 1 hour long and the investment in your wellbeing is £60.

Book your appointment online, via the app or by calling our amazing admin angels on 01293 542245.

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