"Hello, September! 

"Hello, September! We hope you're well.

As the lazy days of August dwindle away, the fall months are drawing closer.  And while it's sad to say goodbye to summertime living, the month of September offers the perfect intermediary between the end of the summer and the changes that come with autumn.  It's a transition time for your mind, body and wardrobe. 

So, if you're feeling down about the end of the Summer, prepare for the new season with a great fresh start ... perhaps a seasonal acupuncture treatment with Selena?

See how Team Bridgeham can help you!

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There's no cure for migraines, but we have a number of treatments available to help reduce the symptoms.

Osteopathy - Did you know that quite often it is actually your neck that may well be the primary cause of your migraines, even if your neck is pain-free?

Osteopathy targets and releases blockages and tension that can trigger migraines. It improves the circulation of blood and fluids in the lymphatic system, releases tension in the muscle joints and nerves, and restores basic function and mobility.


Acupuncture - Migraines are usually treated using the wood element in Chinese medicine- the wood element relates to the liver and the gallbladder meridians (lines of energy on the body) so the points used tend (for many people) to be focused on those lines of energy.

The wood element is said to manifest in the eyes - and gallbladder and liver meridians are used to treat the eyes where often, the pre-migraine aura can manifest. Migraines are almost always treatable with acupuncture. 


Massage - Different types of massages can help treat migraines. Depending on the type of migraine and which side of the head you have pain, pressure can be applied to various body parts to relieve stress and anxiety.

Reflexology, Sports Massage, Lymphatic Massage, and Meridian Massage, can all help in keeping tension and muscle aches at bay, keeping your body and mind relaxed, and helping improve your sleep.


Hypnotherapy - Migraines are thought to be caused by abnormal brain activity affecting nerve signals, chemicals, and blood vessels temporarily in the brain. 

Hypnotherapy encourages the body to relax and heal itself by helping the area to relax allowing blood flow to increase.


Pranic Healing - Energy medicine called Pranic Healing is very effective in treating headache pain.

Pranic Healing is an energy bodywork system that facilitates the movement of energy and fluids that may be stagnant in your head, causing your headache presentation. It's a non-touch and non-medicine therapy.  It is founded on the science of energy body and chakras.


 Check out our schedules and book an appointment here.

New Counselling Therapist!

We are pleased to welcome Francesco Lodi, who will be starting at Bridgeham from the 1st of September. 

Francesco has worked extensively for the NHS and in private clinics supporting adults facing challenges including depression, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, difficult childhoods, and a lack of self-esteem and self-confidence. 

To find out more about Francesco click here, or to book your first 50-minute free consultation via zoom, call our lovely admin angels.


We can support all your fitness goals at our one-stop movement rehabilitation clinic!

Using our unique ‘Broken to Brilliant’ pathway, we take pride in the true integration of your healthcare with our osteopathy, Pilates & Garuda & wellbeing services!

Osteopathy - including a FREE 15-minute assessment!

Pilates Mat classes - your first class is FREE!

Pilates Machine Studio sessions
Personal Training
Foot Health

To find out more check out our website here.

New Registered Osteopaths!

We are pleased to welcome Eduardo Da Silva and George Hopkins. Eduardo's passion for exercise guided him to understand the importance of movement for optimal body functioning. He became a personal trainer almost ten years ago, and since then, he has been helping people to improve their overall fitness. During this time Eduardo did sports massage and then was introduced to osteopathy. Eduardo then studied for four years to acquire his qualification in Masters of Osteopathy. Alongside osteopathy Eduardo can offer personal training for individuals, couples and for pre-and post-natal ladies.

To find more out about Eduardo click here

George graduated with a Masters of Osteopathy from Swansea University. Following 3 years of experience working for the NHS in South Wales and a private university clinic, George is pleased to have returned to his hometown of Crawley, skilled in clinical reasoning, and osteopathic treatment.

To find more out about George click here

From September Eduardo and George are starting a 6-month mentoring programme alongside Trevor. Patients who wish to benefit from Trevor's expertise can book a 45-minuteappointment on a Friday afternoon with Eduardo or George. Call reception to book this type of appointment. To book an osteopath appointment with any of our practitioners please click here

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Testimonial Prize Draw Winner!

Here is what Ms. G said about her Bridgeham experience:

"I had my first visit at the clinic today, what outstanding customer service from the staff, from start to finish all the staff are so welcoming and friendly. The clinic is easy to find and there is free parking outside, I had my treatment with Emily and wow this was my first time having this! I was recommended Emily through a friend, and I was not disappointed she was lovely and amazing at her job she worked her magic on my problem areas. I have re-booked definitely 5 stars highly recommend my only regret is not going sooner! Thank you for a wonderful experience"!

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