Hello March!

Hello - we hope you're well.  March marks the official transition from winter to spring! With the evenings now getting lighter, it's a perfect time to start thinking about how we can nurture and care for ourselves, much like we do our gardens so they can bloom during the summer months and beyond.
Let’s get inspired during the month of March to bring positivity into life, boost work efficiency, and enjoy life.
We have some wonderful new offerings for you this month, which one will you try?

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Get fit, get toned, drop a dress size.  Explore the reformer and feel your body confidence grow!  Click here to see the girls in action.

4 x 30 minute sessions with Katy, Lois or Shireen for just £99.00

OFFER VALID until the end of March
*further pack options available thereafter, including duo & trio options*

Call our admin angels for more details. 

Don't forget we do mat classes as well.  If you want to see some video demonstrations of mat exercises by our lovely staff & practitioners, then follow us on social media for March MATness (see below for all links)!


An estimated 1.5 million UK women are living with endometriosis.
Endometriosis is a chronic condition caused by endometrial tissue growing in sites outside the uterus. This tissue responds to the hormones of the menstrual cycle – this can cause inflammation, bleeding, and pain. Some women have no symptoms, some suffer greatly, some resolve without intervention, some it progresses sometimes requiring surgery.
Many of our wellbeing and complementary therapies can help support women suffering from endometriosis.
- Pilates for the pelvic floor with Lindsay
- Acupuncture with Selena
- Massage with Michelle and Emma
- Nutrition with Birgitta
- Pranic Healing with Jo

Call our amazing admin angels on 01293 542245 and book a FREE 15-minute assessment to see how they could help!


The aim of the week is to celebrate and promote all forms of natural health and the therapies carried out by complementary health professionals.  Complementary therapies can help to assist people along with their conventional medical treatment!

Many of our complementary therapies below concentrate on boosting relaxation and reducing stress.  They may help to calm your emotions, relieve anxiety, and increase your general sense of health and well being.

 - Massage
 - Acupuncture
 - Cupping
 - Reflexology
 - Meditation
 - Yoga
 - Nutrition
 - Hypnotherapy
 - Pranic

 Call our amazing admin angels on 01293 542245 to see how we can help!


What better way to treat your mum or any special woman in your life than with a Bridgeham voucher?

They can be purchased in the clinic or over the phone & can be sent via email!

Call our amazing admin angels on 01293 542245 to purchase your voucher!


Exciting news - Selena is looking to start another meditation course after Easter.

Spring Chakra Balancing
Suitable for beginners/all levels of experience
Meditation Course - 7 sessions over 14 weeks (alternate Saturday mornings)

It’s the perfect time of year to start working on us, for the spring into summer season. Meditation can work wonders for stress, sleep, anxiety and energy levels.

The Chakra Balancing course at Bridgeham Clinic works session by session to help you identify and work on clearing physical and emotional blockages.

Each session will focus on one chakra helping you to build an understanding of how each one works in the body and how to work with them to feel the best you can.

Each session will include breathwork, mudras (hand seals), information on food and activities to support chakras and finish with a chakra focussed super relaxing Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep).

You will be able to access free recordings of the sessions to use at home week by week to build your practice.

☎️ Call our amazing admin angels on 01293 542245 to get your name on the list (more details to follow)!

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We post daily with clinic updates, interesting articles, and MUCH more! March is going to be a busy month so keep your eyes peeled for more information on:

  • March MATness
  • World Obesity Day
  • International Women's Day
  • Salt Awareness Week
  • No Smoking Day
  • World Sleep Day
  • Spring Solstice
  • International Day of Happiness

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