Give your lungs some love

Chinese Medicine associates certain foods with certain organs and some foods help to protect the immune system from ‘invasion by external pathogens’ (bacteria and viruses).

Our acupuncturist has put together this list to help support your lungs and immune system.

To drive out infection accompanied by heat (fever):

Borage, burdock, chamomile, Chinese cabbage, echinacea, elder flower, eucalyptus(inhaled), lemon balm, lime flower, marjoram, mint, oregano, peppermint, sage, spearmint, turnip, yarrow

Cooling/pungent foods which may also be of help are:

Wheatgerm, broccoli, watercress

Other foods that protect against pathogens more generally and are good for the lung are

Garlic, fresh ginger, onions, black pepper, basil, cinnamon, coriander leaf, leek, caraway, radish, thyme

Aromatherapy oils to burn or use in baths:

Clary sage, chamomile, frankincense, lavender, neroli, sandalwood, tea tree, thyme

Foods to help clear phlegm:

Almond, apple peel, celery, garlic, grapefruit and peel, orange/tangerine peel, lemon peel.

If you wish to find out more about this way of looking after yourself for this and other health issues - Selena recommends ‘Helping Ourselves’ by Daverick Leggett. This is a great guide to understanding and using Chinese Food energetics for optimum health.

Our nutritionist, Emma, has also put together this handy list of food and teas to help support your lungs and immune system.

Lung friendly foods

Green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits (bananas especially), beans, whole grains and unrefined nuts are rich in magnesium - which help the airways to relax. 

Include more lentils, garlic and onions in your diet which help fight infection and clear the lungs. 

Vine-ripened tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which is great for the lungs - cooking in some olive oil helps to release the lycopene.

Lung Friendly teas

Thyme and Nettle Tea is a great tea to make for the lungs.

Thyme is one of the most quintessential medicinal plants for lung health. It’s used all the time to alleviate coughs and treat respiratory diseases. It’s also a natural expectorant and antiseptic, making it perfect both as a tea and even if you just want to inhale the steam.

Nettle is a plant that people have used for centuries for all kinds of things. One of its main properties is cleansing and purifying the blood stream and lungs.

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