Diabetes & Foot Health

Janine, our foot health practitioner always stresses how important it is for people with diabetes to check their feet on a regular basis so that any changes and or problems can be identified early and complications avoided. A regular diabetic foot health check-up is as important as an annual MOT on your car!

It is important to check the feet by looking at them - this is because feeling in the feet may be compromised or lost (neuropathy). Consequently, you may not be aware if there is a problem.

When checking your feet, you should examine the whole foot; the sole, including the heel, in between the toes and the nails. If flexibility is the issue, have someone else look for you – or use a mirror to assist in reaching those hard to see areas.

Often, she gets asked, β€œWhat should I be looking for?”

Check often and be particularly vigilant looking for:

πŸ‘£ corns and calluses

πŸ‘£ broken skin (ie) cuts, blisters, ulcers and fissures or cracks in the skin

πŸ‘£ signs of infection such as inflammation (redness, swelling) surrounding a break in the skin

πŸ‘£ foreign bodies

πŸ‘£ changes in shape

πŸ‘£ skin that looks discoloured

It is also helpful to check shoes and slippers for foreign bodies, rough stitching and split linings.

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