COVID 19 - Bridgeham updates

8th June 2020

Dear Patients,

Re:  Shielding

You will have heard the news that people who are shielding(anyone who has received a letter identifying them as being in a high risk category) can now go out. This means that those people can now be seen for osteopathy treatment in the clinic.

We will continue to triage call ALL patients who have an appointment booked to check that it is appropriate for us to see them.  We will also check that they, or anyone they have been in contact with, are not having symptoms of coronavirus, or been exposed to anyone who has.  We can offer online video consultations for those who are self-isolating or who would prefer not to come to the clinic.

We are doing everything we can to protect our patients and ourselves from the risk of spreading the virus:

• we have a “closed door” policy whereby patients report their arrival and then wait in their car or outside until the practitioner is ready to see them.  This helps to maintain social distancing.

• we ask all patients visiting the clinic to wear a face covering

• we are temperature checking all staff and patients on arrival and providing hand washing facilities and sanitiser for patients before they see their osteopath

• we have removed all carpets and linen from the reception area and treatment rooms

• we are wearing full PPE equipment, including face shields to wear over our masks when we see patients categorised as high risk

• we are sanitising the treatment rooms between patients,and the general areas regularly throughout the day

If you would like an appointment, please contact reception on 01293 542245, or book through the Bridgeham website or you can use the Bridgeham app.  If you don’t already have the app please ask our lovely receptionists to send you the link.

As always, your healthcare is our top priority.

We look forward to seeing you soon and helping relieve your aches and pains.

Kind regards,

Trevor Strutt and all the osteopaths


21st May 2020

We are pleased to announce that the guidelines for safe practice from the General Osteopathic Council and the Institute of Osteopathy have been updated.

This means that we can now see the over 70’s and those booked for follow-up treatments that are overdue with symptoms plateaued or worsening.

Those follow-up treatments with symptoms that are getting better by themselves we will still be “airlifting” forward into July.

Your osteopath will call you within 24 hours of your appointment to triage you and to offer you an online consultation or to confirm that you should keep your appointment.

We are still not able to see patients who:

· Have Covid symptoms themselves or are in a household where somebody else has Covid symptoms. Please remember the symptoms now include loss of sense of taste/smell.

· Hold a shielding letter or are in a household with somebody with a shielding letter.

We can still offer these patients telephone or online consultations as well as our range of online Pilates classes and Rehab Workshops.

For those attending the clinic for a face-to-face hands-on treatment the following guidelines have been put in place. We respectfully ask everyone to comply with them:

· Please wear a mask/cloth face covering to the appointment. It does not need to be a surgical mask.

· Please ring the doorbell and then return to your car. Your practitioner will come and get you when they are ready for you to be seen.

· Your temperature will be taken via a non-contact infrared temperature screening device.

· You will be invited to wash and sanitise your hands and sign a liability waiver form before proceeding into the treatment room.

· A patient traffic flow system is in place to ensure social distancing measures. If in doubt, please stand still and check the two-meter distancing is maintained.

· Payment can be made via a disinfected card machine, or you may wish to choose Apple Pay or similar, or pay by BACS in advance to avoid contact with the machine.

· You will be invited to sanitise your hands again before leaving.

· The practitioner/receptionist will open and close all doors for you.

· You should attend singularly unless a chaperone is required. The chaperone will need to wear a mask/mouth & nose covering,wash hands and be temperature checked (the same as you). Under 18’s should be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

For those who prefer to move their appointment into July please remember we have set up some Rehab Workshops on Zoom with the Pilates practitioners. You could attend these workshops and then see your osteopath foran online consultation or face-to-face consultation in July.  Your osteopath will be able to advise you about these workshops.

We are following guidelines and adhering to strict protocol to ensure the safety of our patients and staff:

· We have a sneeze screen for the front desk.

· We are having new up-coving flooring installed in all treatment rooms.

· We will be installing sinks and mixer taps for all downstairs treatment rooms.

· We will be sealing the floor of the downstairs laminate flooring for enhanced hygiene cleaning and have put in place a one-way system to maintain social distancing.

· We will be using a new disinfectant for all hard surfaces including floors (as used to disinfect ambulances).

· We have replaced the cloth chairs in the treatment rooms and reception with vinyl chairs. These will be easy to wipe down between patients.

· We have performed an extensive risk assessment to assess the practice physically and procedurally to ensure we are compliant with latest regulations.  This risk assessment has been endorsed by an independent Health & Safety adviser.

We are constantly adapting and changing as to current knowledge, thank you for your patience and continued support.

Love Trev and Jo x


25th March 2020

We are still open as a healthcare practice.

Why? The Institute of osteopathy has urged all registered osteopaths to remain in service as front line primary health care practitioners to ease the burden on the NHS.

A huge amount of physiotherapists have been redeployed within the NHS to work in respiratory healthcare. This means that there are still a huge amount of urgent musculoskeletal patients that need care. Untreated, these patients may well end up at the doctors or even A&E departments, or simply clogging up the NHS 111 service further.

With current government movement restrictions, we advise patients to call us if they are unsure and discuss their current symptom pattern. Pain is very subjective. We suggest that if the pain is resolving, or the appointment is for a routine checkup then to postpone the appointment. If the patient has plateaued or has worsening symptoms to get in touch by calling 01293 542245.

Each visiting patient is non-contact temperature screened at the door, then invited to wash their hands immediately and to proceed to the treatment room where hygiene protocols are strictly adhered to.

We are asking patients not to enter the clinic until their appointment time, thereby using their car in the car park as the current ‘waiting room’.

This avoids any non-essential social contact.

Please remember, if you are unsure call us.

May God bless us all at this difficult time.

Trevor and Jo Strutt
Clinic Directors
Bridgeham Clinic


24th March 2020

Dear lovely patients,

Quoting one of my role model’s Dean Graziosi:

Do not let fear rob you of the leader you were meant to be”...

I share with you my thoughts from my journal today...

“You my darling Trevor Strutt are my daily inspiration.

I love you so much and have loved our family time in self isolation albeit nursing you thru that wicked virus that had a good old go at you.

You continue to lead with such faith in yourself,

Faith in your “Broken to Brilliant and Beyond” concept,

Faith in your awesome ability as an Osteopathic/Rehab practitioner and educator,

Faith in your terrific team, whom you energetically and commitedly continue to encourage to have that same self belief and self mastery you have always demonstrated since I’ve known you.

Be the beacon in Osteopathy and bring that shining bright awareness of the powerful results you osteopaths can bring to people’s movement health, physiological education and understanding. Show the world the life-changing impact it can bring to so many.

Trevor Strutt, you are a legend,

You are my absolute best friend and I totally love you and am sooo grateful you have recovered so well from that blasted virus."

COVID 19 you will not beat my best friend’s indeterminable will and passion, you will not beat Britain and be sure, Bridgeham will continue to serve and support as many patients as it is possible in person for those who are in pain and in urgent need of the treatment skills that our front line Bridgeham osteopaths are completely capable of delivering. “

Our country's physios are re routing to the front line of hospitals to assist with the many patients with respiratory challenges... they can give their well-honed skills to those in need.

At Bridgeham our osteopaths and massage therapists will continue to treat and ease patients in acute pain.

If you have acute pain and you cannot continue with your workload : especially if you are a key worker, Bridgeham are here for you.

The rule of thumb across the board is: if the patient has plateaued or experiences worsening symptoms then come in to the clinic for treatment or use the online service if the patient is unable to get transport or is self isolating.

If the patient’s symptoms are getting better, or the treatment is for a routine checkup, then these are non-essential treatments and must be cancelled.  Please re-book online via our app or by phone 01293542245 or email for June/July.

Massage patients who are undergoing a course of treatments to manage pain should, where possible, continue to attend appointments, as long as they are symptom free and not self-isolating.

You can continue with the following services we provide Online :

1:1 Pilates

1:2 Pilates

Family Pilates sessions

Daily Group Pilates classes

These movement sessions may be just the transformation you need for bringing you out of your fear and into the strong, flexible and stable person you have always meant to become.

Another role model of ours, Tony Robbins says “change you physiological state you change your mental state”.  Join us in class or 1:1’s to move your bod and transform.

You can also book the following online consultations:



Pranic healing

Without meaning to be repetitive, I quote Tony Robbins...”where focus flows”.

Find out how to focus your energy in the best direction for you to become your best self. Book your Pranic Psychotherapy sessions with Sue or join the Meditation on twin hearts sessions.

In the clinic we will continue to screen your body temperature, ensure hand washing procedures and ask you to sign a liability waiver.

We appreciate your great feedback and support.

Thank you all,

Be brilliant!

Jo and Trevor Strutt and all the Bridgeham team.


20th March 2020

To our wonderful Bridgeham Family,

Thank you to you...our amazing patients and group class attendees, our terrific team of practitioners too, I am sure you are by now up to speed with the latest announcements.

‘All the UK's nightclubs, theatres, cinemas, gyms and leisure centres have been told to close "as soon as they reasonably can".’

So we write this email to you all to say that as of close of business tomorrow, Saturday 21st March 2020, we will no longer be offering Bridgeham matwork Pilates classes in our beautiful mirrored and barred studio at Bridgeham, 1 Oak Cottage, County Oak Way. Enjoy Gordon’s last classes for the few attending tomorrow morning, Gordon is looking forwards to seeing you (and shooting you but more about that in a moment!)

As of next week, we will look forward to seeing you online in our mat classes starting on Monday morning at 930am with Jo for her Pilates & Garuda Class. We will make sure this first class is on us...we appreciate you signing up and trying it out!

So, you have to sign up via your Bridgeham app or via the Bridgeham website to ensure you are booked onto the class.

Once you’ve signed up you will then receive an email and after you click the link you will be able to join into the online Pilates class with your device.

You’ll learn where you need to look, what your best angle is (and not so best angle is), we will have a right old giggle as we work out who’s microphone is on or off, where to place the ipad/laptop and get to enjoying class! Don’t worry if you don’t have any home exercise Pilates equipment yet, bring what you have but we will start with a mat (or couple of beach towels) and pillow on the floor, bring a chair please, and do remember, we’re not drawing in each other’s virtual dust, we’re all new at this and we are going to have some fun!!

May I suggest we celebrate with a cuppa and a catch up at the end of class too so you can give me some feedback!! With any luck you will enjoy your first class and we will all learn heaps!

Once we are clearer tomorrow on our Pilates team’s ever-evolving scheduling we will email out our available Online Pilates group class schedule for next week so you know which class to book onto via your app or via the website or via the telephone.

So, from group classes ending to which treatments are currently continuing at Bridgeham, 1 County Oak Way.

Treatments at the clinic
Osteopathy, 1:1 machine Pilates rehab, Acupuncture, Foot health appointments, Massage

Trev is looking forward to his first shift back in the clinic on Monday, Selena our acupuncturist is also in, as are other practitioners. We know you want us to help keep you moving as effortlessly and pain-free as possible for as long as possible.

Please know we go into the next stage of our new hygiene rules though:

• If you have a temperature or feel flu-like symptoms then please do not come to the clinic

• On arrival at the clinic please report to reception where one of our Admin Charlie’s angels will zap you with our temperature checker guns. If you are “Green you can be seen”, If you are amber you will need to wait, re-test and check it’s not a hot flush, if you are “Red we ask you politely to go home to bed”

• There will be no waiting room facility so please, once you have checked in and told us you have arrived and you are temperature checked, hands washed with soap and sanitiser, your practitioner will call you in for your treatment. If there is a wait for your practitioner to finish treatment with the previous patient, we politely ask you to return to your car in this scenario, they will call you when they are ready.

• Please bring in your own water bottle or thermos flask as we will no longer be serving teas or coffees. Our magazines will be removed too.

• After you have washed your hands and sung us your favourite 20 seconds song you will be ready for your treatment. Please do not be offended if you are asked to sanitise hands mid treatment because you inadvertently touched your face/nose, we just want to be clear on hygiene efficiency. Once your treatment has finished and you have settled up at the reception desk, organised your diary etc, please wash your hands again before you leave.

• If you do not wish to receive your treatment at the clinic our practitioners can call you on your telephone for an audio consultation or via Whatsapp or Zoom for a video consultation. Please let our receptionist know as soon as possible that you wish to have an audio or video consultation. That way you can tell us how you are doing, share your physical situation, receive a guided assessment, advice and be taken through a treatment in your own home. Our practitioner will summarise your treatment and then hand over to our receptionist who will then take payment over the phone and rebook you should you require another visit. This process is new, we appreciate Wifi and coverage can be tricky so let’s work together to continue to make your healthcare our top priority and ensure you feel you are moving and feeling better.

Treatment online
Osteopathy, Pilates 1:1, Pilates group classes, Nutrition, Hypnotherapy, Pranic Healing

•  You can contact reception on 01293 542245, book your appointment via the app or website and you will be emailed a link for your online consultation.

Thank you for your patience during this ever-evolving situation.

With love and well wishes,
Jo, Trev and the Bridgeham Team xx


18th March 2020

Dear All,

We would just like to give you an update on how things are moving along at Bridgeham in the current changing environment.

Just to reassure everyone that we maintain that your healthcare is our top priority.

With Brexit talk seeming like a long distant memory now, our days and evenings are filled with the ins and outs of coronavirus and its affect on everyone’s daily lives.

Our intention is to keep the clinic open for as long as possible, given that in the future there may soon be a compulsory lock down. We don’t yet know whether or not the private healthcare clinics will be allowed to remain open or will be included in the lock down procedures.

In the meantime, we have addressed infection-control protocols in accordance with the latest knowledge and advisories. From Thursday we will be temperature screening all staff and patients to ensure nobody presents with a low-grade fever which might indicate they are unknowingly at the beginning of the acute immune phase of their journey with COVID-19. This will be via a simple non contact infrared forehead scan which will light up green, amber or red. Whilst this might produce some game show style hilarity(think about when you go through the airport scanner); on the more serious side it means everyone inside the building does not have an immune system which is fighting something off. Better for everyone involved and hopefully gives you confidence that we are taking this matter very seriously.

On this note, you may not be aware that it is estimated that we unconsciously touch our face every three or four minutes. Normally this would be fine, but during the time where the COVID-19 virus relies on contact for transmission it is something we need to look out for. During a session if the practitioner notices that you have touched your mouth or nose, or rubbed your eyes, they will offer you the hand sanitiser to clean your hands for when you next touch something in the clinic. Please don’t take any offence from this, it is just healthy practice in infection control. Similarly, feel free to get your own back on your practitioner if you notice he or she has done the same!

We now know that the virus cannot survive more than 12 hours on even cold stainless steel. This means that overnight the clinic automatically does its own self clean.

Obviously, we are maintaining our cleaning regime all the time people are in the building, religiously following protocols and guidelines.

As we are discouraged from any group gatherings, Pilates classes will soon begin their journey into the Ethereal world online. We have been talking with Mindbody (our patient appointment/ class booking / app software platform) and very soon you will be able to take part in an online Pilates class either in real time with the instructor able to see you and correct you, or as a pre-recorded class that you follow in your own time.

The online classes will hopefully follow the format of: –

• Live community class – 12 people maximum, instructor correcting you

• Live open class – unlimited people with no instructor correction

• Pre-recorded class – something you can choose to do at a time that suits you

Our admin angel Stacey is working hard with Jo and Pauline looking into ways to bring this to you. We will bring you further details of this very shortly, it sounds like it could be great fun and a great way of keeping active.

With regards to all the hands-on practitioners, we are training in online consultation practices.

Obviously, the passive pulling, stretching, manipulation and massage cannot happen over the Internet. However, the practitioners will all be able to take part in individual online consultations with you to:

• Listen to what’s troubling you

• Invite you to do some movement testing

• Invite you to do some clinical screening testing

• Formulate a diagnosis and a treatment plan

• Go through prescriptive stretches and muscle activation techniques

• Retest

• Go through stabilisation techniques and home exercises

• Send along a follow-up email with home exercise instructions and/or video links to support any home rehab program

This example was for a visit with an osteopath, but there will be variations on the same theme from the Pilates practitioners,acupuncturist, massage therapist, nutrition consultant et cetera.

We will shortly be updating the website with a page explaining this procedure in more detail.

We imagine as the delay phase of the management of this pandemic progresses there may be a time where you cannot get to the clinic and in this case we will offer you the online consultation option so that you do not feel you cannot continue with your own health care program. We still want you to go from broken to brilliant.

With the work we are putting into the online classes and consultation procedures this should mean that even when the country is on full lock down, Bridgeham is still open in the online world. This means that your practitioner can see you in the comfort of your own home.

This process will work in that you can still phone and book as the reception team will have calls diverted to their home portals. Remember,you can still book online or via the app, but of course it is still wonderful to chat to one of the lovely reception staff to answer any questions you may have. In booking an appointment, the practitioners will all be at their respective homes but able to carry out an online consultation/treatment as if you were in the clinic (only without the actual passive physical treatment).For those of you that have experienced an osteopathic treatment, I’m sure you will recall that the clunk-click part of the treatment is only a small part of it. There is so much more to be done in terms of releasing and activating opposing muscle groups as well as rebalancing through stabilisation.

I do hope you are all able to at least give it a try to see how it works for you in any of the multiple disciplines of health care available to you at Bridgeham. In this current environment, it seems like this is the only, but best way forward for all of us. We don’t want to leave you high and dry.

During this possible forthcoming lock down period, you can of course just call the clinic and ask to speak to one of the practitioners. The reception team will contact the practitioner and they will be happy to call you back at some point for a chat.

So, please be reassured that if we are in lock down, we will be still working hard with you. We certainly won’t be watching daytime TV and eating chocolates!

If you have any concerns whatsoever, please do feel free to call and speak to us during normal clinic hours, or drop us an email any time.

May God’s blessings for kindness and serenity be with us all at this time as we support each other through the time when looking out for one another has such a vital importance.

With love,

Trev, Jo and all the Bridgeham family

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