Connect Better to your Core & Pelvic Floor


To Help You Connect Better to Your Core and Pelvic Floor

How do you strengthen your Pelvic Floor? When I first started strengthening my pelvic floor after getting my Pelvic Organ Prolapse diagnosis, I realised that it was much more than just Kegel’s.

Below are the 7 areas of focus for a gold standard pelvic floor:

  1. The pelvic floor itself - learn to contract and release so that it’s dynamic in function
  2. Posture and alignment - stack your bones and improve your posture
  3. Diaphragm and breathing patterns - master diaphragmatic breathing pattern 
  4. Core pressure regulation - discover if you are actually squashing your core
  5. Glutes - find your strong and dynamic booty
  6. Hips - integrate happy hips that move well
  7. Feet & Jaw - who knew the feet and jaw connect to the core and floor?

If using your pelvic floor seems really overwhelming, sign up for this 6-week course, to make it simple and achievable.

Details below: 12Sep - 17Oct (6 weeks initially)Tuesday 1230 - 1320

Special offer of £72.00 if you sign up before Tuesday 29th August (normally £85.00)

Contact the clinic on 01293 542245, sign yourself up and then we can send you a short video link of Lindsay performing some of the moves that you will exercise in class.

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