Chinese New Year 2023 Water Rabbit

This year on 22nd January we enter the year of the Water Rabbit. The last Water Rabbit year was 1963.

What does this mean? What is the Chinese calendar all about?

There are 12 animals in the Chinese calendar representing different qualities and traits. There are also five elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood). The various combinations create a 60-year cyclic calendar. This calendar helps acupuncturists to understand the energy prevalent at birth for each patient. This helps to narrow down the choice of acupuncture points so the treatment can be really specific to the patient’s physical and emotional type.

So, what does a Rabbit year bring? Well, Rabbit years are auspicious for partnerships so starting a new relationship or business venture this year is well starred! The rabbit is gentle but it has speed and charm. Rabbit years are said to attract success with finance, lovers and fertility. Given the reputation of rabbits this last one is perhaps unsurprising!

When the Rabbit year is combined with the Water element this is likely to enhance our intuition and diplomacy so things ‘flow’ like water in business for many people– especially people born in previous Water Rabbit years.

Sarah Yip a well-known scientist and expert in Chinese Numerology and the Chinese calendar recommends the following for this year:

·      Look deeper into your diet – contrary to popular belief, rabbits get sick from eating too many carrots

·      Go swimming, take long baths, and try floatation tanks

·      Aim to create rather than react this year

·      Meditation in a group

·      Hit the books and expand your mind

·      Leap with faith, not to conclusions

·      Embrace life’s wobbles and be brave in imperfection as all great visionaries are

Previous Water Rabbit years have been marked by the first successful powered flight by the Wright brothers; Indigenous Australians gained the right to vote; Clinton’s impeachment; 250,000 people marching for civil rights and Martin Luther King’s famous speech and the assassination of JFK. It is often a shake up year for people at the top.

Yip says, 'that bunny looks sweet but she’s got bite!’.

Key Traits of the Water Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Sign

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