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Matt’s story of success with the support of Team Bridgeham

Matt’s Testimonial:

I have had back trouble for over 30 years, from playing every sport under the sun but mostly racket and club sports, all right-handed. When I was completely incapacitated, a friend recommended Bridgeham, and I have not looked back or anywhere else since.


Their diagnosis of ‘tilted pelvis’ was achieved very simply but made perfect sense. This problem is apparently common in racket sports players and has an effect on the lower back and sacroiliac joints.  Golf fits right in there and almost everyone’s swing (I play off 5) will generally put more strain on one side than another.


The solution, often first through osteopathy to correct any misalignment, comes through dedicated Pilates, training your muscles to adapt to the ‘new normal’, thus helping to prevent recurrence.  Having been educated on the reason why these sets of exercises can be beneficial, I can confidently perform them at home, either before and/or after any sports.

The support and care given by all the staff at Bridgeham is quite extraordinary; they really invest in you.

Problems can be sorted quickly through osteopathy 30 minute appointments. Although the rehabilitation takes time and effort, Bridgeham has given me the confidence and knowledge to sort myself out and get back on to the golf course, tennis court, etc. Having wondered whether I’d ever be able to walk or run properly much less play again, my rehabilitation has gone from agony to ecstasy.  It culminated at Easter this year, when I was able to play 6 full rounds of golf over 3 days to win my golf club’s competition – that’s 108 holes of singles match play golf on a hilly course all in the space of 38 hours!


I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending Bridgeham, led by Trevor and Jo Strutt, to anyone suffering from back problems and desperate to carry on with a normal life.

Team Bridgeham are very pleased to hear of Matt's golfing success.


Mike England - osteopath comments - “Matt has been a pleasure to work with. He has at times struggled to get back to a place of full and pain free confidence in his back, but he has stuck at it, worked hard with his exercises, and thoroughly deserves to be reaping the rewards.”


Jo Strutt - Pilates/rehab comments – “From working with Matt during his painful “locked up in lock down” times it is super to see that Matt has persevered and experienced success with Bridgeham®’s Broken to Brilliant journey. Matt’s recent golf win matches the winning combination of osteopathy and Pilates. I am thrilled our skilled team have been able to support him to gain confidence in his body and daily movement patterns, as well as golf and tennis.”


If like Matt you are a golfer and wish to increase the longevity of your playing, play without too many aches, niggles, and stiffness, increase your mobility and balance, and therefore maybe increase speed for your swing, then Bridgeham may have the answer for you.


Have your swing and body mobility analysed specifically for golf with a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) screening. This analysis allows for potential movement and mobility issues that may be affecting how you swing the club to be identified and assessed by Mike England - TPI osteopath, who may be able to treat, reduce or remove the issue, before rehabilitating your movement.


Additionally, there is the option to attend Pilates classes specifically developed to assist the rotational demands of the golf swing. Bridgeham®’s Twist and Shout classes offer a weekly opportunity to work on those weak movement patterns and improve mobility to get you back to the tee and keep you striding down those fairways.


If you are interested in finding out more about our unique services, please call the clinic on 01293 542245 or email us at and we will get back to you and answer any questions you may have.


Alternatively, you can book an appointment on-line for Osteopathy, Golf TPI Assessment, Pilates 1:1, Twist and Shout classes, or any of our other services by clicking here


Care about your golf, care about your movement, come to see Bridgeham



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