Bridgeham still open as a healthcare practice

Yesterday the Institute of Osteopathy emailed its members with a lengthy response as to why it’s so important that any osteopathic clinics that are able to, stay open. The following extracts from that email, confirm why we are so passionate about using our skills as primary health care practitioners in the fight against COVID-19:

“A number of GP practices and physio departments have closed so that the health workers can be deployed to treat more urgent cases or substitute where staff have fallen ill. This means that there is a big gap in the health system which we, as registered osteopaths and allied health professionals, are well qualified to fill.

Today, Maurice Cheng has spoken to a number of health professionals and commissioners within the NHS who make it clear that, at this moment, it is inappropriate to declare Osteopathy closed because “they need us to stay open” and we osteopaths provide a very useful public service. We are able to reduce the pressure on acute medical services and hospital beds.

We will continue to engage with the health and public health bodies to see how the osteopathic profession can help as part of the national crisis management plan, as I know many of you want to support our NHS services in this challenging time.”

In our decision to stay open, we’re receiving wonderful support from our patients; these are just a few messages that have come in:

“Thank you for your update messages, thank you for your brilliant communication in these uncertain times and thank you for your positivity.”

“As I have always said “everyone should have a Trev in their lives” Thank you both. Also, to the team that so obviously follow “their leader”. Love Is Everything”

💖 Love is indeed everything! By working together and supporting our NHS Superheroes and key workers we can make positive and lasting change for us all! 💪🌎

Full link to iO email here:

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