Acupuncture Treatment for Scars

Here's what Selena, our acupuncturist says about this treatment:

When I went along to the scar treatment training, I must admit, I was sceptical. I wasn’t sure how acupuncture would be able to affect scar tissue, but I was curious. Having a large scar that I had had for over 20 years at the time, I volunteered to be ‘a body’ during the course. The person delivering the training promised me I would see a physical difference and feel more sensation. The scar was red, lumpy and felt mostly numb. I wasn’t convinced.

After just one treatment there was a marked difference within 24 hours. A slight change in the redness, not much, a definite reduction in the lumpiness and incredibly, patches of sensation returned within hours of the treatment. I made it my aim to specialise in scar treatment from that moment on. I knew how much a scar can affect self-esteem and was determined to find out more. I’ve now been working on scars with great success for several years and love the effect it has on patients.

As well as the physical effects there is the emotional affect but also, in terms of Chinese Medicine, there is the impact on the meridians (the lines of energy we use to treat with acupuncture, gua-sha, cupping and massage amongst other things). So, for example, when a woman has a caesarean section, there are several meridians that are cut through – the Stomach, Spleen, Ren Mai, and Kidney meridians. The damage can be repaired using scar treatment techniques thus avoiding health problems related to these meridians later. It is also quite common for retained stitches to come up to the surface for removal during the treatment process.

For those people who don’t fancy the idea of needles, there are non-invasive options –the outcome is slightly less improvement but still definitely worthwhile. Options include cupping therapy and the use of a tae xin (tay shin). This is a stumpy gold implement not dissimilar in size to a small crochet hook – with a blunt end. This is used on and above the scar but without piercing the skin –we often use this for treating babies or people phobic of needles. So there is definitely something to suit all people.

Even a small scar, depending on its placement, can be problematic long term and often only a few treatments can make an enormous difference.

If you have a scar you would like to improve, please do book in for a free 15-minuteconsultation with Selena to discuss the treatment process and find out how she can help you feel better like these testimonials demonstrate!

“I was previously totally unaware that acupuncture could improve the appearance and feel of a scar. 

I had a recent surgery that resulted in what I felt was a thick, very angry red looking scar running from hip to hip.   It is rather brutal looking so once healed I booked fortnightly treatments with Selena. 

It was empowering to be able to choose acupuncture as a treatment and take back control of my body.   

Selena is very reassuring, and I totally trust in her skill and knowledge.

I have had two treatments so far and the improvements are both surprising and amazing. The scar is already smoother and less red, and Ihave great hope it will become less and less noticeable.” - Liz

“So, my first born was a c section aka “sunroof delivery” and 5 years later my second born was a natural exit home birth “bomb doors” delivery.  Both birthing experiences involved blessings and challenges…physically, mentally and emotionally.

The scarring from my c- section was red, raised and bumpy– a keyloid type scarring…and although the scar had healed to a point and I had delivered my second born, there was still something that was not quite at ease. A numbed, desensitized, red and flared up…not completely healed scar.

Scar work with the “gold needle” allowed two remaining internal stitches to come to the surface. After these stitches released themselves from my body the scar become white, much thinner, less sensitive, more integrated into my body. During the treatment I felt meridian connections that subsequently shifted my mental and emotional self. This scar treatment enabled a complete healing of many layers for my physical, mental and emotional self.” - Jo

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