Lower Back Pain

The lower back consists of the last 5 bones of the spine and its surrounding tissues; muscles, ligaments and tendons. It is responsible for a large amount of weight-bearing, mobility and stability in the spine. As a result, it is a common area of pain, with an estimated 60-80% of people likely to suffer with lower back pain at some point in their lives.

There are several reasons as to why you might experience lower back pain such as muscle spasm, joint restriction and disc injury.

How Bridgeham can help?

Lower back pain affects about 4 out 5 people. It can be a result of one awkward movement or as a result of years of repetitive stresses, or both. There are many sensitive structures that can cause pain in the lower back and the important thing is to find out which it is and treat if appropriate.

At Bridgeham, we are experienced in diagnosing and treating lower back pain through clinical examination and with lower back pain we advise that you begin by seeing one of our osteopath who will give you a diagnosis. The will explain what is causing the pain and why it may have started. They will also treat the lower back to start the recovery process. This often involves soft tissue massage, stretches, articulations and manipulations to improve alignment, stability and mobility. We may also use other techniques including dry needling acupuncture and ultrasound therapy.

You may be prescribed a few simple Pilates rehabilitation exercises which may be prescribed following the session. This helps to ease pain further and continue to resolve the problem.


The cause of injury will determine your recovery time. We would usually expect a joint or muscle related injury to resolve in approximately 4-6 weeks. For more severe injuries like a disc bulge we would expect to see good improvement in 6 weeks and full resolution in approximately 12 weeks.


“If your “backs in a jam” and you don’t know where to turn, give Bridgeham a call and they can fix it.  I would definitely have no hesitation in recommending Bridgeham clinic.” -Mr P