Jo Strutt

Pilates & Garuda Instructor

Bio & Qualifications

During my dance career I trained in teaching Pilates in the late 90’s. Following a serious back injury my love of anatomy and movement were combined when I furthered my training in rehabilitation Pilates and the Garuda method of exercise. I am the co-owner of Bridgeham along with my husband Trevor.

Describe yourself

I love my family life and enjoy the beauty in nature. I have a wonderful eye for detail. Listening and watching carefully, I find the detail that brings about lasting change in posture and ease of movement. I firmly believe in inspiring people to be the best they can be.

Treatments you provide

Workshops available

Areas of special interest

Whilst I have furthered my training in osteoporosis and back care, I also enjoy working with elite athletes on refining movement and enjoy supporting them through training and celebrating new personal bests and achievements.

Goals for your patients

Effortless, easy, pain free movement. To bring joy and trust in your structure and strength.

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