The Broken to Brilliant Journey

We use the protocols of neutralise, stabilise, mobilise. In this way we can plan a treatment pathway for a successful outcome for each patient. Start your Broken to Brilliant journey with Bridgeham Clinic today.

Where are you on the road to recovery?

Patient Progress Chart



Can’t stand up, work, do sports or get out and socialise.
It feels like the end of the world and that you’re stuck with it for life.

We recommend

OsteopathyDry Needling / AcupunctureRehab Pilates 1:1'sMRI & X-Ray Scanning ServiceClear Diagnosis and Support

Less Pain


You'll have improved function and will be feeling more mobile.

Generally you'll feel, on the mend and feel your confidence improving.

We recommend

Osteopathy Check UpsPilates & Garuda Machine Studio 1:1'sAcupunctureMassage

Feeling better


Full function is returning and you'll be finding daily tasks easier.

You'll know you are definitely on the mend and consciously progressing by your improved movement and awareness.

We recommend

Osteopathy Check UpCircuit Machine PilatesPilates Matwork ClassesFunctional Movement ScreeningMassageNutritionFoot Health

pain free


You'll feel no vulnerability, have effortless movement and total confidence and trust in your body.
Time to set some goals!

We recommend

Pilates & Garuda FitnessBridgeham Health CheckOsteopathy Check UpsMassage

Goals Achieved


Now you feel well, where do you want to go from here? Let's set some goals!

We recommend

Osteopathy check up every 6 monthsPilates & Garuda for health and fitnessNutritionHealth Check every 12 monthsPhysiotherapy

I just wanted to write to say thank you so much for helping me with my back problem today. I am so grateful to you - it certainly feels a lot easier than it did when I came in this morning! I really don’t want to think about the next few months when I will not be at your Pilates classes! What is so great for me, is that you have not only helped me regain my strength, but amazingly I improved my mental health beyond recognition - I will be forever grateful to you, and hope to have a long long time of participating in your classes and your lives! Thank you again for being so super!!!


I came to Bridgeham as I had some health & wellbeing cover through work which included massage and various treatments. All has been great! I had a consultation, osteopathic review and a relaxing body massage. Due to having recently had breast cancer and having lymph nodes removed through operation, this was very helpful with regards to lymphatic drainage and I was reassured throughout. All practitioners listened and all treatments have been beneficial. Thank you.


Well I must say I’m impressed. Got home after seeing you and a situation that would normally have stressed me out seemed to have no effect at all! I keep waiting for the old anxiety to kick back in, thinking it can’t have been that simple, but clearly it was. Think I’ll be contacting you soon for some help with weight loss.


“A visit to Bridgeham Clinic can be a life enhancing experience, made enjoyable by the friendly atmosphere and the genuine desire of everyone to help get you better. The rest is down to you!”


I was in so much pain, Pauline on Reception was absolutely lovely, made me coffee, felt at home and at ease straight away. Treatment was fantastic, felt quite emotional with the help I received. Diagnosed and treated straight away. So happy!


I have spent a lot of money and time with a multitude of different clinics over the years and not one of them has come close to having the level of knowledge that the Bridgeham Clinic has.