Trevor Strutt

Osteopath & Pilates Rehab Practitioner

Bio & Qualifications

I am an old school, 4th generation classical osteopath. After 4 years of training I joined my father Jeff at Bridgeham Clinic in Smallfield.  In 2005 Jeff retired and Jo and I took the helm of what is now today’s Bridgeham.

Following my own experience with injuries and back problems I further qualified as a Pilates rehabilitation practitioner. This means that I am a firm believer in ‘use it, or lose it!’.

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Describe yourself

I am always positive. I look on the bright side of life and will always try and find the good in a given situation as well as enjoying a keen sense of humour. Very much a family and community spirited man, I try to bring a sense of this to the clinic as well.

Treatments you provide

Osteopathy and Pilates in close proximity. Following the protocols of ‘Neutralise, Stabilise, Mobilise’ treatments are aimed at getting the body in the right place and keeping it there. I use articulation, stretching and manipulation techniques to do this in accompaniment with specific active rehab exercises.

Areas of special interest

‘Neurophysiology and the Postural Mechanism’ was my catchy little title for my dissertation. This means I love the way we move reflexively and naturally, and I am fascinated when it needs help. I have a background in sports. Having recovered from four prolapsed discs and leg paralysis without the need for surgery means that I am practicing what I preach.

Goals for your patients

My goals are to get the patient out of pain as quickly as possible. I want to find out what caused the problem to arise in the first place and follow this with targeted specific rehab to stop the problem coming back again. Once the initial problem is sorted, I encourage patients towards 6 monthly check ups to catch any potential future issues early.

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