For the mind & body, our Wellbeing therapies below combine to help you achieve a comfortable, healthy and happy state.

Bridgeham Health Check

Bridgeham Health Check: A Bridgeham Health Check lets you really know how you are today and what you could do about it tomorrow. Read more

Bridgeham Massage

Massage: Sports massage and therapeutic massage. Massage is a great non-invasive method of reducing muscular tension. Read more


Acupuncture: Acupuncture is widely considered to be beneficial for a range of illnesses and injuries. Read more


Nutrition: You are what you eat! Visit our nutritionist to discover how what you are eating could be affecting your health. Read more

Foot health

Foot Health: Foot treatment and check-ups can benefit people of all ages and our foot health practitioner is trained to help you identify and deal with any problems you may have. Read more

personal training

Personal Training: Personal training at Bridgeham is great if you need that extra motivation to reach your fitness goals. Read more

walk a mile

Walk a Mile: Free? You got it! Free! Join us for a walk-a-mile and receive a "Bridgeham Buck" for each walk you participate in. Read more

corporate health

Corporate Health: Bridgeham-ise your workforce and shape up your bottom line! We can assess, diagnose and treat within 48 hours. Our registered practitioners are primary healthcare workers (like your GP). No monthly fee. Read more

functional movement screening

Functional Movement Screening: If you have ever asked “Why does my back keep going out?” or if you suffer from recurrent injuries that are not quite “fixed” then this proven screening process is a great place to start to help you find out why by identifying different risk indicators. Read more