Clemence Chiffot

Registered Osteopath

Bio & Qualifications

I qualified in February 2016 from the Surrey Institute of Osteopathic Medicine (SIOM) with a Masters in Osteopathic Medicine (M.Ost 1st Class Honours). During those four and a half years, I have had the opportunity to develop a variety of skills as well as study additional elective modules. These covered biomechanics application in osteopathic care, paediatrics consideration in osteopathic practice, and medical acupuncture in osteopathic practice. I consider such a wide range of modules to have participated in my development as a practitioner promoting a multidisciplinary focus in care.

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Describe yourself

I am known for my enthusiasm and positivity. My perspective on challenges is that they present opportunities to grow and learn – so why not take them on!

Treatments you provide
  • Osteopathy for all ages
  • Adults
  • Children and toddlers
  • Newborns (often referred to as “cranial osteopathy”)
  • Medical acupuncture (as part of osteopathic treatment)
  • Kinesio taping (as part of osteopathic treatment)
  • Ultrasound therapy (as part of osteopathic treatment)
  • Myofascial Cupping
Areas of special interest

Paediatric osteopathy: this encompasses treatment of newborns to teenagers. Reasons for consultation can range from digestive complaints to postural issues and difficulty reaching developmental milestones (for example due to musculoskeletal complaints).

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction: also known as TMJ, the jaw is an intricate joint which is often linked to the development of a variety of head and neck conditions (such as headaches and tension at the top of the shoulders). Conditions such as bruxism (known as teeth grinding) are known to cause postural changes and can at times explain the reoccurrence of your neck and even knee pain!

Goals for your patients

I am keen to see what you can achieve when you are pain-free and have fully recovered. Imagine waking up ready to take on your next challenge, whether that includes a sports event or being able to go through your busy day without a second thought for pain!

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