Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are injuries that can result from any form of physical exercise or athletic activity. These injuries can vary from tendon inflammation like tennis elbow to the more severe injuries like ligament damage or fractures. On average someone who participates in regular exercise or high level activity will sustain 1.6 injuries every year, according to Barclays survey.

How Bridgeham can help

Here at Bridgeham clinic our expert osteopaths can firstly diagnose your injury with a series of clinic tests and movements, depending on the symptoms. We can then start a treatment plan which will promote healing and ease pain in the best way possible. Depending on the injury this could involve more osteopathic treatment, ultrasound or a combination of services including massage and Pilates rehabilitation.

Once we have diagnosed the problem and you are recovering we want to try and look into why the problem came about. Work in our rehab studio will look at movement patterns and we may suggest a functional movement screen link to establish if and why you are at risk of further injury in the future. Depending on your recovery and the nature of injury we may suggest that you join a Pilates group class to help to bring strength into the vulnerable areas and maintain good movement patterns.


Sports injuries can vary and so each injury will have it’s own rehabilitation expectations and time scales. On average with most low-medium grade injuries we would expect an improvement in symptoms within the first three sessions and then depending on the treatment journey planned for you, recovery would be determined by your progress.


“Incredibly supportive and knowledgeable. As a competitive masters athlete, my performances are still improving!” – Mrs H