Sciatica is a term used to describe irritation or impingement of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve runs from the pelvis, through the buttock muscles and down through the legs to the feet. Symptoms can be anything from pain to tingling or numbness along the line of the nerve and occasionally weakness of the leg muscles and foot.

The majority of sciatica symptoms are caused by either a joint restriction in the lumbar spine or pelvis or a disc bulge in the lower back both of which can cause a pressure and irritation of the sciatic nerve. Another common cause is from the piriformis muscle in the buttock compressing the nerve producing symptoms into the leg. Some may describe it a toothache feeling in the leg.

How Bridgeham can help?

If you are suffering with sciatic pain we at Bridgeham advise that you see one of our osteopaths for an initial assessment to accurately diagnose the cause of the pain and treat accordingly. Treatment may involve stretching and massage of muscles, articulation or manipulation of joints, depending on the exact cause of the problem.

We may also advise that you see one of our Pilates practitioners to aid recovery or as part of a long term maintenance programme to prevent re-injury. Daily movement patterns and habits will be addressed to increase your awareness of how to move well, and prevent further injury.


After your initial appointment we would usually expect an improvement within 2-3 treatment sessions. Full recovery time would depend on the severity of symptoms and nature of the issue. We would expect a joint or muscle related cause to significantly improve if not resolve in approximately 4 weeks from the initial appointment. If the sciatica symptoms were caused by an injury such as a disc bulge or herniation we would expect an initial improvement in 4-6 weeks and around 12 weeks for pain to fully resolve.


“I developed what the doctors called sciatica after the birth of my son. After putting up with it for a long time I finally found Bridgeham. The osteopath told me I had a disc problem which was trapping my nerve and that’s why I was having the symptoms. Thank god for the team at Bridgeham for getting rid of the pain I had for so long!” -Ms K