Pre and Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Pre and Post Surgery Rehabilitation

There are times when surgical intervention is required and the team at Bridgeham are here to help both before and after.

You could be scheduled for back, neck, hip, knee, shoulder or ankle surgery and want some help preparing for your surgery to make your recovery smoother, and assistance with regaining your function and mobility after the surgery. The better the tissue health pre-op, usually the better the recovery. For example, with a total hip replacement they are only changing the ball and socket, all the surrounding tissues are exactly the same.


How Bridgeham can help? 

We would recommend seeing one of our osteopaths prior to surgery so we can assess your mobility before the operation and advise about the correct post-surgery pathway for you.

We will see you again after your surgery, (usually after 2 weeks) to find out how it went and re-assess you. The osteopath will check ranges of available pain free movement and gently re-activate muscles and movement pathways to aid and speed up recovery. Home exercises will be revised and checked and practical take home advice given. A post-op rehab program will often include use of our rehab studio where Pilates machines will assist movement and build strength into healthy movement habits. This will only be done under 1:1 supervision.

On completion of your Machine rehab you may progress to a circuit machine class or a group mat Pilates class, to maintain your rehabilitation.

You may also benefit from massage and personal training sessions, which may assist your recovery journey. From broken to brilliant! You may well find yourself doing things you never imagined before!



Depending on the nature of the surgery, we would normally expect a good improvement of symptoms and movement ability within around 4 sessions. However factors to consider that may hinder surgery recovery or rehabilitation could be post surgery complications, exercise ability/compliance, the body’s natural healing process and the type of surgery that has been done.

You would likely see one of our osteopaths for an initial assessment post surgery and they will then formulate the best rehabilitation plan for you with the Pilates rehabilitation team. Your practitioners will converse and both be aware of your program and progress throughout your rehabilitation to give you the best recovery journey possible.



“I experienced the best after surgery treatment I have ever had at the new premises of Bridgeham Clinic. My back has responded so well that I am able to start playing golf again after a very short convalescence.” -Mr Y

“A year ago when I first came to Bridgeham I had many health problems including severe back and sciatic nerve pain, and a very painful knee requiring a replacement. Mobility was a painful process and daily living was not easy. The wait for surgery was long and constantly delayed, which was very wearing. The staff at Bridgeham were wonderful, always positive and cheerful. They worked together to design a programme of care for me, preparing me for surgery. Through the rehabilitation process they taught me how to take control of my body and strengthen it again, improving my mobility. I am now a different woman and so grateful for all that the team have done for me. My thanks to you all.” – Mrs W