Studio Pilates

Understanding where you are in regards to your road to recovery or where you are in your everyday movement is paramount to getting the most out of your body and your movement.

Ascertaining your Bridgeham needs and focusing and applying change can be accomplished.

Goal setting is important here at Bridgeham. You and your instructor and Bridgeham osteopath will create a Bridgeham treatment plan where all your wishes are heard! 1:1 sessions are 55 minutes long.

Our intention is to assist you whilst on your Bridgeham journey along the Patient progress chart  to be the best you can be and achieve your desired goals.

In your wildest dreams what do you want to be able to achieve with your body and your movement?

1:1 sessions can introduce you to:

  • the fundamentals of Pilates matwork or machine work
  • Garuda matwork or machine work
  • Rehab Pilates

These 1:1 sessions are great if you want to focus on your own needs and want to work out specifically.

Perhaps you want to master your technique of an exercise in pilates mat class that is your ultimate goal?

Maybe you want to learn to get in and out of the dining room chair with ease?

Maybe you want to learn to jump, hop, skip and run again!

If you want to partner up with your spouse/partner/son/daughter/best buddy or work colleague why not book a 1:2 session where you can work out on the equipment alongside one another. It's great to witness your own body change aswell as sharing in your 1:2 Pilates partner's experience! Help each other be accountable for being the best you can be!

Choose from weekly, twice weekly, monthly sessions...they are all options for your attendance and the commitment to yourself. Ask your instructor which option suits your personal programme the best.

The more frequently you move well, the better you feel when you move often!

The machines are so incredible, they can make new movements immediately achievable and you can feel on top of the world at the end of a session! A complete confidence booster and taster of how it can feel to move freely!
Come and try for yourself!