Rehab Pilates

Bridgeham's brand new Garuda and Pilates machine studio here in County Oak Way, Crawley is where our 1:1 and 1:2 rehabilitation Pilates sessions take place.

For many years we have specialised in the following:

Pre and post-operative programmes - preparation and recovery for hip replacements, knee replacements, ACL reconstruction, post-caesarean, shoulder decompression and all spinal surgeries.

You will experience expert 1:1 instruction from rehab instructors on the Pilates and Garuda machines preparing you for your operation. Your body then learns how to begin the rehabilitation process even before your operation has taken place. We hear from patients and their consultants that the recovery journey post operation is less daunting as clarity of movement and confidence has already been found.

Not only will we ensure you know how to perform your home exercises properly for the best rehab outcome, we excel at integrating those exercises into your daily activities of living. We make certain that actions such as getting dressed, getting in and out of the car, bending and lifting, sitting and standing become effortless movements that you can perform safely and carry out with ease.

Injury rehabilitation - successful recovery from injuries - sprains, strains, fractures, dislocations and tendonopathies

Your Bridgeham osteopath will inform you of your diagnosis and when required, will refer you to our rehab Pilates instructors with a broken to brilliant treatment plan that will satisfy your goals and movement needs. Utilising the innovative Garuda and Pilates machines, along with advice on the best home exercise programme, you will be reassessed on each visit to confirm you are on the best path to a full recovery.

Sports specific training programmes

We can plan with you and your coach how to best support your training routines, fine tune your technique, speed and agility. We dare you to become the best you can be...just watch your PB's soar!

Through video analysis, movement screening and observation your foundation for sport specific actions will be enhanced. Use the machines and transfer knowledge to the TRX, rollers and fit balls so you have exercises on the go to accompany you to your sport.

We can work with you individually or create a group session for your team of colleagues to provide everyone with a Bridgeham understanding of how to improve and better your performance.

Day to day daily movement re-patterning programmes

From lifting the wheelbarrow, pushing the pram or opening the dishwasher, let us educate you how to move well before moving often. You don't need to have those annoying niggles or daily discomforts in your life!

We will break down the movements that give you trouble and design a programme to help you wave those niggles away! Let the machines help you move more efficiently, your home exercises validate the good movement and then progress to joining the group movement classes at Bridgeham as a way to maintain the healthy niggle free actions you so desire.

Our patients and clients tell us that the communication and support provided by the friendly, professional Bridgeham team of practitioners and instructors gives them the confidence required to return to their desired goal of 100% health.

Come and experience for yourself how the Bridgeham team all sing from the same hymn sheet with regard to your treatment really does make the difference.

A team of support just for you!

Your healthcare is our top priority and at Bridgeham we can take you from Broken to Brilliant!!

Testimonials for Rehab Pilates

Mrs R. from Horsham

I have every confidence in the practitioners that have treated me at Bridgeham. There is time and understanding not only of the physical symptoms I am experiencing but also the psychological impact this is having. The different practitioners work well together and I feel I have found somewhere professional and safe that I can go to when needed. The reception staff are extremely friendly and the whole experience is very welcoming. I feel I am at the centre of my own care, with everyone working around me to make things better for me.

Mr M. Crawley

I have used the services of Bridgeham for many years and have always found their help, advice and treatment of the highest order. I have and continue to attend Pilates classes, 1:2's, circuit classes and mat classes. These I find of great benefit to my health and wellbeing. The attention to detail and service provided is excellent. I strongly recommend the quality of care the clinic provides.

Mrs H

Incredibly supportive and knowledgeable. As a competitive Masters athlete, my performances are still improving.


Bridgeham are beyond fantastic! They have such extensive knowledge and work together to help everyone achieve their dream. Whether this is getting rid of pain or becoming an international athlete, they are suited for everyone. They even helped me cut 11 seconds off my 800m by teaching me how to breathe!!!!

Miss S

Everyone is just so lovely! When I injured my hamstring Pete was so awesome, all the treatment and exercises he gave me really worked and now I feel like my hamstring feel stronger than ever before. The Pilates sessions were brilliant as well! Also want to give a mention to the reception staff, especially Pauline who is one of the nicest ladies you could meet!