Circuit Pilates

These can be themed classes which take place in the Machine Studio on the innovative Pilates and Garuda equipment.

You will have attended a couple of 1:1 sessions on the machines already.

You are wanting a great fun and challenging workout!

The sessions are designed to increase movement awareness and assist you with changing your body and shape.

Circuit class examples:

  • Circuits for All,
  • Beginners
  • Improvers
  • Advanced
  • Specific circuits for Runners, Horse Riders, Gardeners, Mums to be, Seated and Standing Posture can also be arranged.

Up to 4 people attend the class.

  • Experience a warm up & Bridgeham Test exercise before class begins to “Check in”
  • Rotate around a selection of exercises on the barrel, trapeze table, chair, reformer and Garuda machines.
  • End the sessions with a “go compare” test exercise.
  • Leave the class "noticing"
  • Notice more of yourself and how your body begins to morph and change.

Feel free to add a coaches eye "before and after" to check in on your Bridgeham movement journey!

Please call 01293 542245 to book a Pilates Circuit class