Personal training

Personal training at Bridgeham is great if you need that extra motivation to reach your fitness goals. Whether it is weight loss, injury rehabilitation or simply to get fit, Bridgeham can tailor a programme to meet your personal needs, using a variety of equipment to keep it interesting!

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Functional Movement Screen

Why not add in a FMS Movement screen to really get specific on what your body needs to become it's Bridgeham Best! Don't forget all the practitioners sing from the same hymn sheet and we really do have your best interests at heart!

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Bridgeham Walk-a-Mile

Free? You got it! Free!

Join us for a walk-a-mile and receive a "Bridgeham Buck" for each walk you participate in.

You can collect and trade in your Bridgeham bucks for one of our super T-shirts... or any of our current Bridgeham Buck products!

Come and walk with us...we always go the extra mile and are happy to answer any of your queries you may have about your healthcare and how we can help you be the best you can be!

We are only here this once on this amazing certainly is not a dress rehearsal!
Let's move well and share our experiences to make the most out of our time together here!
Enquire for more details about where we walk from and return to! 01293 542245!

Walk a Mile schedule is every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 12.30 from outside Bridgeham.

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