Christians against poverty

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is a Christian charitable company in the United Kingdom founded in Bradford, West Yorkshire by John Kirkby in 1996. It is a national organisation specialising in debt counselling for people in financial difficulty, including those in need of bankruptcy or insolvency. It also provides Job Clubs for those seeking employment and Release Groups for people looking to overcome addictions and dependencies.

Crawley Open House

Crawley Open House provides support and services for those suffering the effects of homelessness, unemployment, loneliness, discrimination, or other forms of social exclusion. Our support is available to anyone in need.

Arthritis Action

Arthritis Action is a UK charity helping people who have arthritis to lead a more active life with less pain.

Arthritis Action is the only UK charity giving hands-on help to combat arthritis pain through self-management and lifestyle. We give people access to physical therapies in their local area alongside personal dietary and nutritional advice to help individuals manage their arthritis. Combined with exercise and individual support we can help people take early action against the onset of arthritis, manage the pain it can cause and enjoy life to the full.

National Osteoporosis Society

At the National Osteoporosis Society, we understand that fractures can have shocking effects on day-to-day life. We are committed to helping people with osteoporosis live the lives they want to lead and we work every day to prevent future fractures.

As the only UK-wide charity dedicated to ending the pain and suffering caused by osteoporosis we are here for anyone affected by the condition, providing help and support for people with osteoporosis now.

Crawley Counselling Centre

As therapists we find that the mind and body are intimately connected.  If you feel that you need the support of a trained counsellor we work in association with Brenda Miller at the Crawley Counselling Centre. Alternatively you can search the BACP register for a counsellor near you.

What is counselling ?

Counselling can offer a safe environment where you can feel valued and respected as individuals.

Will it be helpful?

We all experience times in our lives when we feel confused, anxious or burdened by events - Relationship Difficulties, Bereavement, Health Issues, Emotional Problems, Change, Loss, Work Based Conflict, Redundancy or crisis in our lives may be some of the reasons that can lead us to seek professional help.

We have within us the ability to understand our thoughts and feelings, however sometimes our experiences can leave us feeling overwhelmed anxious and vulnerable finding self-understanding and moving forward most difficult. Talking to a professional counsellor can help at these times.

What can counselling offer?

Counselling can offer you a safe place to explore the problems you face without feeling judged. It can also offer a quiet space in which to deepen your understanding of yourself, to discover and develop more of your own potential. Counsellors do not give advice but offer a supportive relationship where the client is encouraged to express their thoughts and feelings. Talking about problems puts them into context and prospective while helping the person to understand them more clearly. The counsellor offers a therapeutic space where each individual can feel valued and understood, while finding find their own unique solution and encouragement move forward in their life.