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Osteopathy: why choose an osteopath at Bridgeham Clinic, Crawley?

What makes osteopathy at Bridgeham Clinic special?  As well as being an award-winning practice with the friendliest, most caring osteopaths you’ll meet, our osteopaths are different.

  • We look beyond the passive treatment that removes obstacles to health, and go one step further.
  • Bridgeham osteopaths can not only straighten you up but help to keep you that way.
  • We look at your symptoms, then work with you to find out the underlying problems.
  • We don’t believe in just rubbing it better, we want to fix it!


Osteopathy can often help with the following conditions:

What will happen on your visit to a Bridgeham osteopath?

  • We will sit with you and hear your reasons for visiting us for treatment.
  • We will look at your movement patterns and discuss your goals and desires to move or feel differently to how you present on this first one hour visit. This will set a marker for us to return to so we can track your progress.
  • You will receive recommendations on how we can help you.
  • We will structure a Bridgeham treatment plan together after talking through where you are on your road to recovery in relation to Bridgeham's Patient progress chart.
  • Follow up appointments with one of the Bridgeham Osteopaths will last 30 minutes.
  • They will hear how you felt after your first treatment and reassess where you are on the Patient progress chart in relation to how you originally presented.
  • You will receive treatment and ongoing advice. There maybe recommendation for you to see other Bridgeham practitioners.
  • We offer appointments called Back to Back sessions that successfully integrate all of our services.
  • Your Bridgeham osteopath will treat you and ensure your body is in optimal alignment in your 30 minute session.
  • You will then proceed straight into a different treatment room eg the Pilates machine studio for the recommended 30 or 60 minutes movement session after a brief handover from the osteopath to the pilates practitioner.

Additional techniques our osteopaths may use

Coaches Eye:

In your session we may use coaches eye, an app where we can film you and your movement.  

We show you before and after videos side by side, so you can see the difference for yourself.

Why? Because when most people see what is going wrong they can make the most effective change.

Why? Because you understand it.

Kinesio tape:

Kinesio tape is clever stretchy tape that stimulates the body to move in a more efficient and protective way.

It is how our osteopaths expertly stick it on that makes all the difference!

Reminding your nervous system how to move in everyday life.

Dry Needling:

At Bridgeham, our osteopaths may use a type of acupuncture approved by the British Medical Acupuncture Society called dry needling.  

It has been clinically proven to be effective in treatment.

Find out more about dry needling and acupuncture here.


Ultrasound is a method of stimulating the tissue beneath the skin's surface using very high frequency sound waves.

There are three primary benefits to ultrasound. The first is the speeding up of the healing process from the increase in blood flow in the treated area.

The second is the decrease in pain from the reduction of swelling and edema.

The third is the gentle massage of muscle tendons and/ or ligaments in the treated area because no strain is added and any scar tissue is softened.

After care & rehabilitation

Our osteopaths will offer you advice on the best exercises or after care post treatment. Past patients are now the fond keepers of “stick men drawing” history. We will email you videos and photos to demonstrate any home exercises you might be given along the way.

If your injury or pain requires further treatment, such as an MRI scan or surgical opinion is needed we can happily refer you on to these professionals. We will always walk you through this process if needed, in an easy to understand way.

We specialise in post-operative, injury rehabilitation programmes, sports specific and daily movement re-patterning programmes. We can help you throughout your road to recovery, by making use of our movement studio and state of the art Pilates and Garuda machine studio.

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Free 15 Minute Assessment

The free 15 minute assessment gives you a chance to have a check-up and a chat with one of our osteopaths for all those aches and pains that you just don’t know what to do with!

The session begins with a brief case history to discuss the issue and your medical background, all under strict confidence as always. You will then be assessed by your osteopath. Please note you may be asked to remove some clothing in order for a detailed assessment to be made. The assessment will include some active and passive mobility testing and may include some specialist examination e.g. neurological testing, if appropriate.

Please note that no treatment will be given as part of this session.

The osteopath will then discuss their findings with you and whether treatment would be appropriate. If it is they will advise which treatment journey may be best. Please remember there is no obligation, and pursuing treatment is entirely your choice.

Should you wish to continue into treatment you can book your appointment then and there or give us a call when you have had some time to think about it. Any further sessions after your 15-minute assessment will be charged accordingly.

Testimonials for osteopathy

Denice (68) – March 2017

I have attended Pilates classes with Bridgeham instructors for over 10 years and as a result remain flexible and fit in my 60’s. However the biggest impact on my life during this time is the osteopathy and individual Pilates assistance I receive from Bridgeham while undergoing two hip replacements just two years apart. I know from my consultant that my hip problems were there from birth but I was fine until 2009. Trevor knew my consultant and he was therefore able to provide me targeted osteopathy pre and post operations. He also worked with Jo and Aleisha, to give me targeted on-to-one Pilates exercises. As a result on both occasions I was back walking without any aids and assuming Pilates classes very quickly. Five years on from my second operation and I have just had x-rays to confirm everything is working well. So a big thank you to Jo, Aleisha and Trevor and all the other wonderful staff at Bridgeham.


Alex (36) – April 2017

I was recommended to see Trevor through one of his clients and have been with him throughout the Bridgeham journey. I have a connective tissue disorder causing subluxations & dislocations of all my joints. When I first started seeing Trevor I struggled to walk and did so using crutches. Now I can walk short distances without any aids and can safely say without his help I would never have walked down the aisle! I have recommended Trevor and his colleagues to many people and would never recommend any other professional as this is the only place I know that does everything someone like me needs with a very friendly atmosphere. Thank you to Trevor and all at Bridgeham.


Alistair (15) – March 2017

Steve – 5 stars! Full of banter, very funny and good at his job. Trevor- 5 stars! Quality banter, very good at his job and sometimes thinks he is funnier than he is. Jo- 5 stars! Very good, quality treatment, motivated and always up for sharing a joke!


Victoria (62) – 2017

What brought me to Bridgeham was pain (and a recommendation from my hairdresser!). My journey has been less painful and more hopeful.


Lynn (45)- August 2016

Was in so much pain. Pauline on Reception was absolutely lovely, made me coffee, felt at home and at east straight away. Treatment was fantastic, felt quite emotional with the help I received. Diagnosed and treated straight away. So happy!


Jeff (51) – July 2016

Not only did Pete diagnose and sort out the issue with my trapped nerve, he also gave me excellent advice or posture and exercise related techniques that I should use to try to stop this happening again. He has an excellent knowledge of bio-mechanics which was the thing that impressed me the most. Working to improve deficiencies and wrong postures etc. to try to prevent it happening again. As they say prevention is better than cure!


Stuart (48) – June 2016

I have spent a lot of money and time with a multitude of different clinics over the years and not one of them has come close to having the level of knowledge that the Bridgeham Clinic has.


Anthony (68) – May 2016

It is very rare that a maximum rating in every category is warranted but in this case it is well deserved. From the moment of arrival at the clinic one is made to feel welcome and valued. The staff are very courteous, considerate, attentive and very genuine in their concern for one’s circumstances. Equally genuine is the obvious pleasure with which findings or reports of improvements are received. The treatment is always provided with kindness, care, patience, gentle encouragement and consideration for one’s comfort and feelings. Importantly, treatment plans are pursued only for as long as they provide clear benefits which, in my case, have been quite significant.


Becky (25) – April 2016

Bridgeham are beyond fantastic! They have such extensive knowledge and work together to help everyone achieve their dream. Whether this is getting rid of pain or becoming an international athlete, they are suited for everyone. They even helped me cut 11 seconds off my 800m by teaching me how to breathe!!!!


Heather (65) – January 2016

The treatment I have received from Bridgeham Clinic has always been of an exemplary nature and I believe the secret of their success is that all their work is client centred. What is the best outcome for the client is paramount in their approach. All the practitioners that I have met follow the same ‘client centred’ approach making the individual feel valued by listening carefully and working intuitively with client to a common goal. I would, and have recommended the clinic to anyone who might benefit from the wide range of treatments now available.


Mrs L (75) – November 2015

Only a few appointments at Bridgeham and after years of discomfort and pain, I no longer suffer. Excellent service and well organised.

Mrs L

Tal (44) – January 2016

Trevor is super professional osteopath, I feel that I can completely trust him, he really knows what he's doing, understands the reasons for the pains and discomforts, he listens, explains everything always with a lot of patience and a great sense of humour. Above all, definitely helped a lot, myself and a few of my dear ones. I am truly recommending Trevor as the best osteopath I know.


Ewen (54) – December 2015

I have been treated by Trevor and Kamilla and have only good things to report about them both. They are extremely professional, but relaxed and personable – Trevor, in particular, is brilliant at keeping me smiling through the pain! I have been suffering from a frozen shoulder, but immediately started to see improvements after the first treatment. I really couldn’t speak more highly of these two and rest of the staff at Bridgeham.


Bobby (69) – December 2015

A very helpful welcoming receptionist in addition to my expert therapist Pete and lovely space for treatment …. What more could a sore back patient need? Instant access to old notes too.


Helen (34) – November 2015

I was so thrilled not only with the level of expertise and knowledge of the practitioners but their friendliness too. I was thoroughly listened to about all my little quibbles, reasons were found advised, adjusted and explained all in the one session and all with really friendly personable banter that made me feel so comfortable, I was blown away. 3 solid months of pain and I can finally move again. I feel like me again and am so happy. It’s not just the big things but all the silly little movements that you get used to cringing and preparing for pain – bending down, sneezing, stretching – all gone, I’m still surprised when things don’t twinge anymore! It's also great to know and understand what is going in, not only is it interesting but It helps me be more conscious of changing habits to keep things running smoothly. I don’t think I can fully express how happy I am as I’ve missed out on so much of my social and physical activity over the last three months and am so excited to be getting to a point where I should be able to go back soon.


Becky (25) – November 2015

Thank you to Bridgeham for being so friendly, helpful and for cracking me back into normality. I can breathe again now!!


Peter (62) – November 2015

Bridgeham Clinic has given me, by far, the best treatment I have received, be it by Chiropractors’, osteopaths or hospitals. All the staff are extremely knowledgeable, caring and friendly. The explanation of my condition and treatment thus far has been second to none. I have already recommended this facility to others and will continue to do so in the future. I always come out smiling!


Amy (27) – November 2015

They are excellent! Very professional but also make the treatments fun ensuring you feel comfortable and relaxed. My back has improved dramatically since coming here, always leave the practice feeling better.


Jake (60) – November 2015

This was my first appointment. The communication beforehand was excellent, from initial welcome email to the text appointment reminder and the personal phone call reminder the day before my appointment. On arrival at the clinic I was warmly welcomed. My appointment started on time. The background questioning by Pete around the history of my condition was relaxed yet thorough. During the physical treatment Pete talked me through the treatment as he applied it. I felt comfortable and at ease throughout. Most importantly I came out of the session mentally and physically feeling a whole lot better. Highly impressed all round. Thank you.


Chris (72) – October 2015

I would recommend Bridgeham Clinic because of their genuine care and concern for my well-being and overall health. Whenever I need treatment they go out of their way to accommodate my needs even at short notice. Over the years Peter has clearly got to know my problem and invariably can correct the issue with a single session.


Simon (30) – October 2015

Not only is the clinic 100% professional it also has a fantastic home feel. The clinic staff are all very welcoming and nice people to be around, and I guess the important part is I feel a million bucks when I leave.


Natalie (47) – October 2015

Trevor is knowledgeable, I trust him. He is professional and also funny! Highly recommended.


Michaela (58) – October 2015

Trevor is great! Also because this is one of the most well organised and equipped osteopathic clinics I’ve visited for treatment, or indeed have worked in as an osteopath, myself.


Chiara (26) – August 2015

Everyone is just so lovely! When I injured my hamstring Pete was so awesome, all the treatment and exercises he gave me really worked and now I feel like my hamstring feel stronger than ever before. The Pilates sessions were brilliant as well! Also want to give a mention to the reception staff, especially Pauline who is one of the nicest ladies you could meet!


Zoe (23) – August 2015

Very informative and professional. Quick to call back in regards to initial enquiry and offered appointments with various therapists/osteopaths very quickly. Helen gave constructive suggestions to help reduce the possibility of a sore back again and suggested that regular massage would help with the knots etc. Lovely staff, very well recommended and will definitely be returning. I have already been telling all the family about the excellent service.


Susan (69) – April 2015

Trevor has been my osteopath for at least the last 12 years, and comes highly recommended. I go on a regular basis to keep my back in good shape. Just recently I have been seeing Zena for a back massage too, which is also very good. My job as a gardener puts a lot of strain on my back especially my shoulders and between Trevor and Zena they keep me feeling great. I love going to Bridgeham, all the practitioners and reception staff are very friendly and are very happy to help in any way they can. I thoroughly recommend Bridgeham in every way.


Martin (35) – April 2015

I can honestly say that my first session with Trevor was genuinely life-changing. I was in such discomfort and had spent a year and a half being sent from one specialist to the next who weren't able to help at all. In that first session he identified the potential problem and gave me a set of stretches to do that had an instant impact. I simply could not recommend him highly enough (he was recommended to me by two separate people). His personality also makes a huge difference to the sessions as he has a great way with people.


Kala (39) – March 2015

Thank you so much Trevor and Jo for giving me the ability to sleep for the 1st time in weeks. Not the first time you have fixed me and no doubt not the last. Highly, highly, recommended.


Jean and Tony re Harry (18) – April 2015

Having attended the Clinic for nearly two years we have found everybody to be very knowledgeable, professional and able to offer such a wide range of treatments. Aleisha has been fantastic, working with our son who had lost his mobility as a result of an illness. She has worked wonders through Pilates to regain his strength and mobility and to keep him motivated with her attitude and friendly approach. We would like to thank everyone for their support throughout our time there.

Jean and Tony

Emami (63) – December 2014

Whenever I come to Bridgeham I feel confident that I will leave pain-free. I have never had bad service and feel very much part of a “family” that is there to improve my quality of life. Quite simply Bridgeham has changed my life for the better – without the treatment I receive there I would be in constant pain.


Chantal (44) – December 2014

To quote a song title my experience at the Bridgeham Clinic was “A perfect 10”. Trevor, my practitioner, is awesome and a God amongst men (his osteopathy is coming along nicely too!).


Janet (70) – December 2014

Having first encountered Bridgeham Clinic in 2001 after long term lower back problems, a whiplash injury in 2000 and a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, I remain a firm believer in all that they do and am very grateful for all that I have learned about how my body works. The practitioners not only provide a range of expertise and experience between them, but they tell you what you need to know and understand to improve your daily life. A visit to Bridgeham Clinic can be a life enhancing experience, made enjoyable by the friendly atmosphere and the genuine desire of everyone to help you get better. The rest is down to you!


Mike (58) – January 2015

I have been seeing Trevor professionally for some years now. He is the only person who has ever sorted my back problems out satisfactorily, in addition to other skeletal issues I have had. His “bedside” manner is sympathetic and he takes time rather than clock watch with his patients (hence why he’s always late!).


Alex (36) – January 2015

I have a connective tissue disease known as Ehlers Danlos syndrome type 3. I always have dislocations and subluxations. I also suffer from functional scoliosis. For many years now I have gone to Bridgeham Clinic to see Trevor and without fail he has always managed to put me back together. Without this I would have been in a wheelchair by now. Bridgeham Clinic has given me the family and reasonably normal life I have now. I would like to say thank you.


Hannah (44) – January 2015

I love this friendly and homely practice. I always come away from my treatment with face ache due to Trevor’s jokes and humour.


Steve (40) – January 2015

Pete listened carefully to all my neck and back issues, along with other problems I had elsewhere. He told me what had most likely caused the problem, and gave me good instructions for changing my techniques in the gym to prevent these problems recurring.


Simon (41) – February 2015

Very professional, prompt efficient service in an excellent well equipped setting. My back is better than it’s been in years.


Phil (49) – February 2015

If you’ve got a problem with your back, Trevor and the team will sort it for you. Nothing is a problem. All the team are very nice and always have a good sense of humour to cheer you up. I have been visiting Bridgeham over 13 years no and always happy with whoever I receive treatment from. Everyone is very knowledgeable, pleasant and more importantly always able to give me. If your “backs in a jam” and you don’t know where to turn, give Bridgeham a call and they can fit it. I would definitely have no hesitation in recommending Bridgeham clinic.


Jacky (49) – February 2015

I have been using the clinic and seeing Peter for a fair few years now. Peter has always been brilliant. I can’t fault him or the clinic at all. When I first came for an old neck injury I expected on-going treatment to last for months. Two sessions and I was fixed. Later an issue with my back originally sorted straight away but eventually became a major issue and I was receiving treatment very regularly, however, with Pilates I have now become stronger. My last visit was the first in 6 months. I am not expecting to have to return again any time soon.


John (49) – April 2015

2 years ago… Before I was recommended Bridgeham clinic my back had reached a point where it was affecting day to day activities let alone anything physical that stressed the back. I really appreciate all their help … and feel my problems were caught and corrected just in time … and now, I just visit every three months to keep things on the right track. and couldn’t recommend highly enough.


Darren (45) – April 2015

I came thinking I might have the problem in my knee for good and that driving would always be a painful experience. However, after just one visit Kamilla successfully diagnosed and fixed the problem. I now feel so much better.