What is Naturopathic Nutrition?

Naturopathic Nutrition is a complementary approach to wellness and vitality. The focus is on using the healing power of nature to achieve optimum health alongside any medical treatment the client may be having. A naturopath will work with the client to educate them on healthy food and lifestyle choices. Whilst a naturopathic nutritional therapist will address the immediate symptoms a client is experiencing in order to alleviate them, they will also try to identify and resolve the underlying causes of the condition. Naturopaths treat each person as an individual, tailoring every treatment plan for that person and working in a holistic way to restore balance and equilibrium.

Who can benefit from a naturopathic nutrition consultation?

Anyone who wishes to improve his or her health! Whilst many people seek nutritional therapy as a way to address specific medical conditions or manage their weight, others want to boost their immune system, improve their long term health, maximise sporting performance, increase energy levels, balance hormones or improve sleep.

What can I expect at a consultation?

Before your consultation we will send you a questionnaire and a five day food diary to complete and return before your appointment. This is a starting point from which we will explore more deeply. First you will be asked about your health goals. There will be questions about your past and current health, any medications or medical treatment you are currently having, supplements you take, sleep, energy and so forth. To help you achieve your aims you will be asked to keep an accurate diary of everything you eat and drink over a few days. This will help to identify what nutrients you may not be getting enough of, others which may be affecting your health in a negative way and where we can quickly and easily improve your diet.

When you come for your consultation we will build up a more detailed picture of your health and lifestyle from your questionnaire and food diary and with this picture our nutritionist will put together a treatment plan for you to follow. You will receive a synopsis of the plan, followed by an email that may have some additional information and guidance. 

In some cases, dietary supplements/nutraceuticals (vitamins, minerals, etc.) may be recommended. Occasionally some diagnostic tests may be needed to ensure the treatment plan is targeted accurately e.g. stool, urine or blood tests.

You will receive a follow up by e-mail or brief telephone call within the first two weeks to see how you are getting on.
A follow up appointment 4 – 6 weeks after the initial appointment is recommended to review the treatment plan.

This follow up appointment will last 45 minutes and ensures we are meeting with your expectations and both parties are happy with progress.

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