Why does my knee hurt when I run?

At Bridgeham we see a variety of sport driven patients, many being runners. A common injury complaint with running is knee pain. There are many varied reasons as to why your knee may hurt when you run such as over-training, inappropriate footwear, misalignment in the lower limb (leg tracking issues) or even in the lower back and pelvis regions causing compensatory pain, weak muscles and a poor training programme.Bridgeham can assess your body and running technique to help diagnose which issue may be the cause of your knee pain with our Osteopathy and Functional Movement Screen services. We will then advise you on which treatment plan would be the most beneficial for your recovery. If it is an alignment or muscular issue you will likely be advised to continue with osteopathy and/or massage. However, if it turns out that your pain is a result of poor technique or leg tracking issues you may be referred in to see our Pilates instructors. They may use a combination of mat and machine based exercises to build up the strength and stability around the knee as well as work on correcting the tracking. Whichever treatment journey you need Bridgeham aims to get you pain free and back to running as soon as possible!So if you have been suffering with knee pain from running or otherwise then please don’t hesitate and get yourself booked in!

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