Marathon Training

Its nine weeks to the Brighton Marathon and ten weeks to the London Marathon.

How are you feeling?

We are here to help however you are. Would you benefit from a post training or a pre-race massage, are you experiencing discomfort or we can help with some advice?From a clinical perspective it’s at this point that the niggles and twinges can start accumulating as the distance of the long training run at the weekend increases. Can you distinguish between normal symptoms for your training schedule – muscle aching and fatigue or when it might be something more.Hopefully you can. However, if your symptoms persist then its decision time - is this an injury that you can train through and will you be able to keep increasing the mileage? Choices are stick to your training programme, decrease the intensity for a period of time, change your training to an alternative cardiovascular activity or stop!!

Not sure, we can help to understand why the injury is occurring and advise according. What we don’t want you do is adjust your running style to offload your knee for instance. This usually just passes the injury to another structure, the ankle or the hip.At Bridgeham we have the experience of helping runners of all abilities to keep running.

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