January 2020 Newsletter


We hope you've all had a wonderful festive break with family and loved ones, and are ready for the new year and decade!

The last 10 years have seen Bridgeham celebrate not only our 20th but 25th anniversaries! We also moved into our fabulous building on Manor Royal and have lots of exciting plans for the coming year and decade!

We look forward to sharing it with you.

To kick start it all, we're excited to announce that our new website is now live!

Do pop over to www.bridgeham.com to take a look!

We'd love to know what you think so do email pm@bridgeham.com with your comments.



MONDAY 1-2pm

4-week Introduction to Pilates Mat classes with Lois

Starting on 13th January, this class is ideal for any complete beginners tempted to bring in the New Year with Pilates as a lifestyle change!

Mondays 1.00-2.00pm.

The cost is £32 for the four-week course.


Bridgeham Fitball Class with Sam

Starting w/c 13th January this is a class that will challenge your balance, co-ordination and strength. Using the Fitballs and other pieces of studio equipment your entire body will feel the benefits,strengthening and creating stability around the joints and also challenging your core.

This class is adaptable for any level of fitness and is included in class passes.


Pilates & Garuda Mix Beginner/Improver with Jo

Come & join Jo for this popular beginner/improver class and get your 'peak of the week' boost to see you through until Friday!


4:1 Circuit with Gordon

Starting w/c 13th January for 5 weeks at the following times:

Monday 6.45-7.30pm & 7.45-8.30pm

Thursday 6.45-7.30pm & 7.45-8.30pm



After the huge success of our Menopause workshop and feedback from the attendees, we have created a brilliant Weight Loss &Healthy Living workshop for January 2020!

It'll be run by Birgitta, our fabulous Nutritionist with support from Jo (Pilates), Sue (Pranic Healing) and Selena (Acupuncture).

Running for 5 consecutive weeks from 6.30-8.30pm on the following dates:

Week 1- Monday 13th January - Goal setting

Week 2- Monday 20th January - Stress Management

Week 3 - Monday 27th January - Exercise to aid weight loss

Week 4 - 3rd February - Future Aims

Week 5 - Monday 10th February - Recapping & summarising

What's included:

• Know your health check numbers

• Understanding lifestyle changes for sustained and long lasting weight loss

• What exercises best suits you (with exercise video support)

• How stress affects your weight and reviewing your scores

• A Facebook or WhatsApp closed group for ongoing support(we will ask attendees for input on what platform they would prefer)

The cost of this fully comprehensive course is £125.

Sign up and guarantee your place to make some healthy,positive and lasting changes to your life and ensure you live being the best version of yourself.


We're excited to announce that Clare from Mammanatal will be running 2 Relax Breathe and Birth taster sessions here at Bridgeham on:

Saturday 1st February 12-2.30pm

Saturday 28th March 12-2.30pm

These are a brilliant introduction to The Wise Hippobirthing programme.

The 2.5 hour relax breathe and birth session costs £25 per couple.

This cost is refundable if you book a full course, which Clare will give you further details about on the day.

Mammanatal Gift Vouchers are also available to buy “parents to be” at Bridgeham.

Please email Clare directly at clare@mammanatal.co.uk for further details and to book.


Are you heading off to the slopes soon?

Whether you are packing the snowboard or a pair of skis,have a look at our tips to get you in top shape for your trip.

As well as being good fun, skiing and snowboarding can have great fitness benefits too, especially for the legs and core. However, if you’re new to the sport or need a little refreshing there are plenty of exercises you can do to prepare yourself and help prevent the pain of aching muscles!

In order to hold a steady and balanced position you need your core muscles firing at all times. Therefore, working on developing your core before your trip will give you an upper hand on holding your balance when you find yourself slipping and sliding down the slopes. Exercises like leg pressing on a fit ball and squatting on a wobble board are all excellent at improving your core strength as they add in the component of instability, meaning your core muscles have to work harder than normal. Have a think about your exercise routine and how you could adapt it to help stabilise your core, for example adding a foam roller.

Often with skiing we tend to over develop our quadriceps muscles at the front of the thighs. Although strength in this area is important for this sport, we need to also remember our glutes/buttocks! Squatting is a classic ski preparation exercise, however having to lean forward slightly to maintain our balance can sometimes mean we over use our quadriceps which can lead to a muscular imbalance and possibly knee pain. Why not change it up and try using a TRX or a well-supported bar or post? This will enable you to put more weight through your heels and avoid leaning forward allowing your hamstrings and glutes to do more work and prevent muscle imbalance.

If you find you need some extra help, here at Bridgeham we are able to offer specialised studio Pilates sessions to help you prepare! Gordon's circuit sessions would be a great option (see class updates for details!). Or book your 1:1 session with Shireen, Gordon, Sam, Steve or Jo hereto learn about a great stretch combination and pre/post ski exercises to do whilst you are away. It really helps!

If you find on your return that you have taken a few knock sand bumps or are just feeling a little achey then why not book in with one of our osteopaths or massage therapists to get you feeling back to normal?


As most golf instructors and magazines will suggest, the winter is the perfect opportunity to get some good practice and instruction in,so that as spring arrives your game will be better than ever.

However, before considering if you should go get golf lessons or just buy that new driver which promises 10 more yards for just£400…have you ever thought about seeing if that stiff back, stiff neck or shoulder mis-alignment could be the culprit that means you can’t swing a putter in a straight line?

This winter, invest in your golfing health and come and see our osteopath Mike, to help improve your swing in time for the spring!

Mike is himself a keen, single-figure handicap golfer, who has been playing since the age of 11. Mike discovered Osteopathy thanks to the needs of a sore back, and is well aware of the addictive nature of the challenging game which we both love and hate at the same time! He looks forward to seeing you in clinic.


Congratulations to this months' testimonial winner, Ms. P!

Here is what she said about her osteopathy experience:

"I go to Dan at Bridgeham. He’s great and has done wonders for me!”

If you haven't already given us a testimonial then why not write one on Google, Facebook, by email or next time you're in clinic. You too could be in with a chance to win a £50 treatment voucher!

See you in clinic…you’ve got to be in it to win it!

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