Isn't Pilates just for middle-aged women?

No! Pilates is suitable for all ages and genders whether you are super fit or a couch potato, slim or over-weight, healthy or recovering from injury. Pilates is for you!Pilates is designed to restore the natural curves of the spine and rebalance the muscles surrounding joints. This results in stronger and more efficient movement patterns. Who wouldn’t benefit from that?Pilates is brilliant if you are suffering with any back, neck or joint pain as well as muscular aches and even post-surgery for that all important rehab! It is designed to strengthen the body without the impact that a lot of current exercise classes use. Exercises can be made more difficult to challenge the body or broken down to be easier for beginners.For athletes looking to up their game, Pilates would be beneficial as there are specific exercises relating to every sport to maximize the efficiency of each movement.The possibilities from Pilates are endless!Here at Bridgeham we already work with a range of patients including top athletes, those needing surgery rehabilitation, patients suffering with long term conditions like MS, those referred by the osteopaths for injury prevention and those just trying to keep fit and healthy in their everyday movements. We use our movement studio for a variety of group classes and our machine studio for more specific 1:1 sessions, using Pilates and Garuda equipment, Bridgeham can cater for all needs.So there it is, Pilates is most definitely not just for middle-aged women, it is for everyone! Now isn’t it time you got yourself booked in and come see for yourself? Why not come and try a FREE movement class or book in for a 1:1 to see what Pilates can really do for you?

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