Digestive Health

Did you know that within your digestive system, you have more bacteria than there are stars in our galaxy? That’s over one hundred trillion! Whilst the idea of all these bacteria in our bodies might sound terrifying, it’s actually not because the majority of them are vitally important residents and they help create a unique microbiome within each of us, supporting everything from our mental health to our immune system! (We highly recommend watching the BBC documentary The Truth about boosting your immune system to learn more!).

There are of course many factors that can influence the types of bacteria in our gut (remember there are good guys and bad guys in there!) obviously diet plays a crucial role but things such as stress, medications and lifestyle can also play a part too.

Understanding your gut microbiome and digestive health can be the first steps in improving your overall health and wellbeing, however, to make the necessary changes it is beneficial to know where you’re starting from– think of it like fixing your car, the mechanics need to run diagnostics to know what parts to change or mend!  And this is why testing your gut health (running your diagnostic checks!) can be so helpful.

So, whether you are suffering from IBS symptoms, bloating, digestive problems or simply want to know how you can better support your immune system, getting your gut health tested could hold the answers you’ve been looking for!

What is the process for these tests?

1. Book your initial consultation with Birgitta our nutritionist and complete your questionnaire and 3-day food diary.

2. Complete your test - Birgitta will request the test on your behalf, but you will need to contact the company to make payment directly to them (not Bridgeham). You will receive the testing kit through the post to your home address. You provide the stool sample and post it back in the packaging provided. The test results take between 3-4 weeks to arrive. You and Birgitta will receive a copy of the report.
(Please note if you are taking probiotics, you should discontinue them for at least two weeks before taking the test, however Birgitta will go through this with you in more detail during your initial consultation).

3. Book your follow-up appointment with Birgitta 6weeks after your initial consultation to go through the report in terms everyone can understand! She will also provide advice and support on what next steps to take in terms of diet, supplements and possibly any other services/treatments at Bridgeham that may be beneficial for you.

How much is this investment in my health?

Your initial and follow up 1-hour consultations with Birgitta (payable to Bridgeham) are £102.50 each.

Depending on which tests are needed, they range from £200-£250 (this cost is payable direct to the testing company).

If you have any questions about these tests or any of Birgitta’s nutrition services, you can also book a FREE 15-minute consultation with her to learn more about how she can support you.

Book online, via the app or by calling our amazing admin angels on 01293 542245.

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