Acupuncture - Does it hurt? Your questions answered


Does it hurt? What is it? How can it help?  These are a few of the questions we’re often asked in our Crawley clinic. So, we’ve asked our lovely acupuncturist, Christine to answer your questions. After all, she’s the expert!

Q: Why do people have acupuncture?

A: Acupuncture is wonderful for many issues but I’d say the 4 most common reasons people see me are for joint and muscle pain and stiffness, digestive issues, headaches (including migraines) and low energy.

Q: What happens when you have acupuncture?

A: Traditional acupuncture is a holistic, natural therapy. It aims to restore and promote physical and emotional health. Diagnosis is based on the ‘four examinations’ of looking, listening, touching and asking questions. So initially, I take a detailed case history and listening carefully to the patient, to understand their symptoms properly and carry out a body, tongue and pulse diagnosis to help confirm my initial thoughts. I’ll then select ultra-fine sterile needles and insert them gently into specific parts of the body. I allow the patient to relax for 20 minutes whilst the needles do their work, before removing them.

In all follow-up sessions the patient’s progress is discussed, body, tongue and pulse diagnosis undertaken, needles chosen, inserted and left for 20 minutes before being removed.

Q: Does acupuncture hurt?

A: Acupuncture needles are very different from needles you may have encountered in hospital or at your GP surgery and the insertion of acupuncture needles is mainly pain-free. In areas of the body where there are more nerve endings you may experience a slight sting or aching sensation when the needles are inserted. Most people find acupuncture a deeply relaxing experience.

Q: When should you book an acupuncture appointment?

A: The sooner the better! As with most things, if symptoms are left unresolved until they can become chronic and interfere with a person’s enjoyment of everyday life. The longer a person leaves it to seek acupuncture treatment, the longer it can take to restore their body to better balance and health.

Q: Who can book to have an acupuncture appointment with you?

A: I see male and female adults over the age of 16.

Q: How much does acupuncture cost??

A: Current prices for acupuncture appointments can be found here.

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Christine[/caption]If you’ve got any other questions about acupuncture, please contact us and we’ll answer your questions. If you’d like to book an acupuncture appointment, you can do so by calling 01293 542245 or contact us here.Still unsure? Take a look at our ROAD TO RECOVERY map to see if acupuncture or any other services we offer are right for you.

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