Summer Tips

Driving off on your summer holidays?

  • Position your rear view mirror so that it reminds you to sit tall!
  • Smile across your chest – when holding the steering wheel place the emphasis on your pinky side of the hand. This should keep your elbows relaxed and your shoulder blades sliding down into the seat back, with a width across the chest and collar bones.

Drive carefully whilst applying these ideas!  We are not suggesting you think more about your body awareness than driving!!  Be safe and happy holidays.


Summer days at the Park

  •  When pushing children on swings be square to the swing and alternate which leg you transfer your weight from and to.
  • Teach your children how to align their leg tracking whilst they push the swing themselves. Ask them what colour they would like an imaginary stripe drawn from their hip bone down through the centre of their knee caps to the middle of their ankle and into their second toe?  Then, as they swing, ask them to check their coloured stripes stay parallel.


Summer bags/picnic hampers

If you have a bag with one shoulder strap and always carry it on the same shoulder, try alternating to give both shoulders equal use!  Watch out for Trevor doing this!!




Chairs and Cheeks!


When you are getting up from your al-fresco dining chair, deckchair or sun-lounger push through your heels and squeeze your cheeks (and we don’t mean the ones on your face)!



Walking the dog!

Does your dog pull on the lead?  Make sure he/she pulls both arms evenly by alternating the hand that is holding the lead.

Stand tall!!



Bridgeham can help you get fit for the summer


With summer fast approaching many of you will be thinking about lifestyle changes in order to get fit and healthy and swimsuit ready! Why not include Bridgeham Clinic in your journey to do so?

If you haven’t yet started your fitness plan you could start preparing now with one of our Functional Movement Screens which will highlight any areas of potential physical weakness during movement. This will then give you a set of goals to work on when you do start your plan. Our Pilates team can also help with this by strengthening those weaker areas and developing your core, getting you ready to tackle your exercises and activities without worry of injury, and preparing your body for the beach/pool.

If you are not sure where to start with your health kick, give our Health Check a try to start you off. Not only does this give you an immediate and accurate record of your current health state including blood sugar and cholesterol levels, it will allow you to see what needs work and so help you to form some goals.

Unfortunately, many of us are in sedentary jobs and cannot fit regular exercise into our busy daily routines. However, when summer approaches we tend to suddenly ramp up the activity and exercise by going to the gym multiple times a week, taking up running every day or taking part in various exercise classes. Although increasing your activity levels is great, our bodies cannot always cope with this sudden change as well as we would like them to! If you find you are getting aches and pains after taking up a new exercise or little niggles that are preventing you from your regular activity, why not book in with one of our osteopaths or massage therapists and get it sorted so you can reach your fitness goal!

We also have a great nutritionist who can help you to make healthy changes in your diet that are sustainable and are tailored to fit in with your lifestyle and giving you a new start to the summer!


Enjoy your summer!

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